Georgia Demonrats to ban all guns

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Legion489, Feb 16, 2016.

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    On January 11, Democrats in the state of Georgia began an all-out assault on our Constitutional liberty by introducing a new bill that would not only ban “assault weapons” but also give state and local authorities the right to seize these legally owned firearms from their law-abiding owners!

    Georgia House Bill 731 would grant the state government wide latitude to infringe upon our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms and our God-given right to self-defense.

    And this is just one state. This type of infringement of our rights will only continue to gain traction in other states if we don’t show Georgia and the rest of the states that we, the people, are not going to stand for this.

    Here’s a taste of what the fascist Democrats propose:

    Prohibit the possession, sale, transport, distribution, or use of certain assault weapons, large capacity magazines, armor-piercing bullets, and incendiary .50 caliber bullets; to provide for crimes involving the possession, sale, transport, distribution, or use of certain assault weapons, large capacity magazines, armor-piercing bullets, and incendiary .50 caliber bullets; to provide for criminal penalties; to designate certain weaponry and ammunition as contraband and to require seizure of such by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

    Breitbart News says that at least 15 Georgia Democrats have signed on in support of the bill.

    Representative Mary Margaret Oliver suggests 10 other representatives have joined the six original bill sponsors. An announcement posted to Oliver’s webpage says:
    [Oliver] and fifteen Democrat women House members introduced HB 731 on the first day of the 2016 Session. The bill bans assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Georgia needs debate about these weapons which are only used for rapidly killing people. Assault weapons are not necessary for deer hunting.

    [​IMG] GeorgiaCarry.Org @GeorgiaCarry
    Dems finally honest about gun control, their ultimate goal is confiscation. …#gapol …

    8:54 AM - 13 Jan 2016
  2. Bandit99

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    Yeah well, good luck with that Democrats, they might be riding out of town on a rail... Rick
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  3. Altoidfishfins

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    Yeah, it's an election year and it sounds like these Democrats think they're pandering to their base. A number of voting Democrats own firearms, too. They could very well be ensuring their exits from the legislature.
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  4. 3M-TA3

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    My guess is that Georgia will ban Democrats.
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  5. Bandit99

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    I am guessing that they are playing to libs in Atlanta but Georgia is made up of many more places than Atlanta. What I am saying is the majority doesn't live in Atlanta and the majority likes their guns. Okay...let's sit back and watch because this is going to be fun. ;)
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  6. duane

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    There is a quote that roughly goes, there is no one as blind as the man that refuses to see. The left and democrats live in their own world, read their own books, listen to their own speakers and are convinced that only they know the real truth, and if you will just let them have their way, the world will be a perfect place to live in. Or was that ISSL and the Moslems, sometimes all of those with the perfect knowledge of right and wrong tend to blend together.
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  7. VHestin

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    Okay then let's start with those who signed the bill, and disarm all their security :)
  8. Bandit99

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    That reminds me of the Rosie O'Donnell thing when she was ranting and raving about people with guns and then some sharp reporter happened to point out to her (and the world) that she had an arm bodyguard with her all the time...didn't hear much from her after that...LOL! :):)
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  9. Legion489

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    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results - Al Einstein. So, according to Al all demonrats are insane. Yeah, I can believe that.
  10. Dunerunner

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    If it were only true.....
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