Georgia House Bill 60, The Safe Carry Protection Act

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    Paranoia Sweeps Media As Governor Expands Civil Rights

    The lamestream media told you:

    The Hill reports that: "Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) signed sweeping gun legislation on Wednesday that some have described as unprecedented. Licensed gun owners will be able to carry their firearms into public places including bars, schools, churches and government buildings, among other areas.

    "The NRA called House Bill 60, The Safe Carry Protection Act, 'the most comprehensive pro-gun bill in state history.'"

    [NOTE: The bill had support from both Republicans and Democrats, passed with relative ease, (it is an expansion of civil rights) and takes effect on July 1, 2014] (4/23/14)

    MSNBC called it The Guns Everywhere Bill, and quoted Americans for Responsible Solutions, the group founded by anti-gun-rights billionaire Mike Bloomberg with former Arizona congresswoman Gabby Giffords as its leader, which called the legislation "the most extreme gun bill in America."
    Georgia's 'Guns Everywhere Bill' | MSNBC

    NPR exclaimed people will be able to bring firearms into unsecured government buildings without approval (their emphasis, overlooking everything that goes into getting the license). Librarians expressed alarm that they may not be able to even speak with people who are armed, "even if there are children running around," although that made no sense and is not a part of the law.

    The law will free (NPR says "allow") licensed owners to carry firearms into more public places than at any time in the past century, including bars and government buildings that don't have security checkpoints. The law also authorizes school districts to appoint staffers to carry firearms. It allows churches to "opt-in" if they want to allow weapons. Bars, which could already opt-in, must now opt-out if they so desire.

    A webinar designed for 500 cities addresses bureaucrats who want to know if they can just post a no-guns sign to keep people exercising their rights out. The answer: "No."

    The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

    People were always able to walk into those places with guns, that's the whole point. What this law means is they can do it legally. This law covers places that are not secured, where anyone good or bad, can simply stroll in armed.

    We know for a fact that many people in the past simply ignore the old bans, with both good and bad intent all the time, and discreetly went armed. All this rule change does is allow decent people to enter without being at risk of arrest. There is absolutely no change for armed bad guys intent on shooting up a place. (Well, except that maybe there might be more armed good guys around.)

    Get it? People could always walk in armed to the teeth to all those places, because the places are unsecured. As long as they acted discreetly not a thing prevented them.

    Now, even after two decades of licensed discreet carry in America, anti-rights activists like Bloomberg-funded groups, left-leaning media pundits, and the uninformed are still paranoid about expansions of civil rights in the firearms arena.

    Georgia's governor has done nothing other state officials haven't done bit by bit, he is just in the spotlight of the moment, responding to beneficial acts of the legislature and a hailstorm of complaints.

    We know for a fact that decent citizens do not start gunfights when their rights expand.

    We even know that citizens who have achieved Constitutional Carry in their states -- the ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights without government interference -- are equally responsible.

    Yet ill-informed portions of the public, whipped to a frenzy by an embarrassingly incompetent media, continue to exhibit signs of paranoia or hoplophobia when gun-rights grow.

    The old psych 101 tapes are rolling again, hoplophobic fears of blood in the streets are beginning to manifest, none of the fearful sufferers are getting much-needed treatment, and the public is forced to suffer through this same old expensive and primitive civil-rights battle all over again -- ironically from the political left that thinks it is the harbinger of civil rights.

    None are so blind as those who do not know they cannot see.
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    Citizens actually practicing their constitutional rights ?

    ohno Oh the horror. [tongue]
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