Gerber StrongArm - Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts

Discussion in 'Blades' started by 3M-TA3, Aug 17, 2019.

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    Gerber has made many of my favorite knives over the years. I've been looking for a good well balanced and versatile fixed blade knife. The StrongArm is not to big, not too small, equally good as a camp, survival and combat knife. It comes in black and coyote brown as well as full edge and a combination edge and serrated edge versions.

    There are several copies of this knife on both eBay and Amazon, so I picked mine up at my local Cabelas to make sure it was genuine. Street price is $70, though I paid the retail price of $80 at Cabelas.

    I really like this knife. It's very well thought out as a system. Gerber got this knife so right that I have forgiven them for all the stupid Orange Bear Grillis models. The use of420 HC steel is instead of one of the higher end knife steels is the only potential flaw, but it allows this knife to be a real value. Still 420 HC is certainly competent - just remember to keep it sharpened..

    Here are my first impressions:
    • The rubberized grip is very comfortable and positive. It was very good even when wet or wearing gloves. It promises to be a solid grip even bloody.
    • The blade came sharp enough to shave with.
    • It feels solid and well balanced.
    • The blade is thick enough to be very strong without being too heavy.
    • The knife locks very positively into the sheath. You could even mount it upside down without fear.
    Some reviews:


    Carry options


    All the goodies that come with it:

    Knife and scabbard with belt adapter

    Left and right side views
    Knife and scabbard

    Black serrated version, also comes in coyote brown:


  2. Ura-Ki

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    Yea, We LOVE Gerber knives! That looks to be a really good one! I liked my LMF and the Bear Grillis Copy, even better because of the hammer instead of spike pommel, but you take what you can get, even the orange isn't that bad considering if you drop if, you can see it! Now if CRKT or Kershaw would come out with something to fit within this category, I would be super stoked!
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  3. SB21

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    Thanks for the review ,, been looking for something myself ,,, I may give it a shot , At almost 10 inches long , its a little longer than what I want , but just having a good one for other purposes, this may be just what I'd like to have , I definitely like the sheath on this one . (y)
  4. 3M-TA3

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    I had a feeling you had experience with the mighty LMF! It's also a big value retailing at $113. What most don't know is that it was designed to help downed air crews cut their way out of the aircraft right THROUGH the skin! In the Infantry package it also uses a similar locking sheath system as does the StrongArm - it's really the StrongArms big brother! Just too large for my purposes. BTW the locking sheath for both these knives don't care which way the knife is inserted. They are also made in the Gerber factory off I-5 keeping workers employed right here in the US/


    Review comparing the StrongArm and LMF - the size difference isn't that apparent until you see the next to each other. They were both candidates and it was a tough choice.

    From Gerber's website: Gerber LMF II Infantry Coyote Brown - Fixed Blade Knife | Gerber Gear

    Every Gerber product has a story to tell. The story of the LMF II is one of resilience and resourcefulness, of being on the wrong side of sticky situation and living to tell the tale. The purpose driven design of this knife stems from the experience of former military man Jeff Freeman, combining thoughtful design features and life-saving application.

    Originally designed to free an aircrew from a downed aircraft, the LMF II is tough enough to cut through the fuselage of an aircraft and smart enough to ensure you are safe while doing so. The knife has a purposeful break between the tang and the butt cap, providing insulated protection against stray wires and absorbing any shock from hammering.

    This 10” survival knife was built to adapt to any scenario thrown at it – ensuring comfort, versatility, and safety when you need it most.
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  5. Bandit99

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    @3M-TA3 " I picked mine up at my local Cabelas to make sure it was genuine."

    So, how does one tell if it's genuine?
    The sheath looks amazing and FINALLY someone makes a sheath worth having. Yeah, I definitely like the sheath, very functional. I would like to see it sold for other knives as well. It's very handy that the knife also locks into the sheath both ways so no problems in the dark. I think I will have to get me one of these. For $70 it's a deal! I would order one right now but you got me afraid that I might get a knock-off so, I think I will also purchase locally rather than online, take it to the car and open it and immediately return it if I have any doubts...

    Watched a few videos and here is a few things to look for BUT there are many different knock-offs out there:
    1. legitimate knife weighed in at 7.2 oz while the fake weighed 6.8 oz.
    2. fake has smaller box, smaller instructions for sheath
    3. fake is simply bubble wrapped (real knife sits inside box in an formed insert) ***Note: quick test ***
    4. Male snap for security strap is on the left if genuine (knife handle is up)
    5. the cutting edge of the knife stops a good inch from the handle on genuine, fake goes almost to the handle ~.25 - .5 inch
    6. The lanyard hole on the fake is not centered

    My favorite work/carry knife is a Gerber Gator, love the rubberize handle, and my Leatherman is a Gerber which I have had at least a decade. Gerber does make some good tools, not always but they do have some good ones out there.
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  6. 3M-TA3

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    I'm pretty sure I watched the same video and that's why I was willing to spend the extra $10 instead of buying off Amazon. Gerber makes a very wide variety of knives at all kinds of different price points. I've personally never bought a bad Gerber.
  7. HK_User

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    Oh I don't know about Fakes. But I have been known to purchase a Fake just so I can bend the seller over and make them return my money and they can pay shipping both ways.

    One of those Mil (sense of humor) things I do on a slow day.

    Last time was a seller in PR.
    Ebay will kick fake sellers off pretty quick if they do not comply.
  8. Ura-Ki

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    Some of the best Knives I have ever owned are/were Gerber! All time Fav is the MK-1 Wasp wasted Dagger my Dad gave me as a graduation gift, man that is one wicked blade and tough as hell! Surgical sharp, holds an edge well, and is one serious knife when needed! My Torch II is also one tough M.F'er, though getting worn down from sharpening often! My little Twitch II is a really handy utility knife, well made, wicked sharp and holds it's edge well! All in all, good quality knives!
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  9. Bandit99

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    Well, I searched my area and my local sport store (Black Sheep) which is really goon had one for $60, Coyote brown, but the only one they had (it was the last one) was with a serrated edge and I want a straight edge so I didn't buy it. Nevertheless, I got to hold it and check out the sheath and now I must have that knife. I will be on the look out for it.
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  10. JLRhiner

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    Gerbers? Who'd have one?

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  11. 3M-TA3

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    @JLRhiner Nice collection - I'm officially jealous. I think the two next to the LMT are early versions of the StrongArm. I recall seeing a YT video that compared the StrongArm to the LMT and the one they used looked like those. And the Marks .... drool...
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  12. JLRhiner

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    You guys are making me want a StrongArm. I have 3 Prodigys, 1 is in the truck.
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  13. 3M-TA3

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    Looks like the only real differences are the locking sheath system and the grip. Naturally, you won't know until you buy one and use it a bit...

    [subliminalMessage] buy it, you know you have to have it. Buy it today you deserve it. A new knife is always better than your old knives. You need this knife. And a new gun to match. Your wife will understand about accessorizing. Just bring up all the money she spends on shoes, purses, makeup and trips to the beauty parlor. Women are always logical in these type of discussions so she will definitely understand...[/subliminalMessage]
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  14. Oddcaliber

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    I'm going to have to find one now! Excellent price and USA made too boot. It's going to make my Ka Bars jealous.
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  15. Waydah

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    I have at least one Gerber in my 'knife box' keeping company with a lot of other brands. I think is the 'Guardian'. Certainly is a knife buyer's market with a lot of great production knifes now available where only custom knives provided real quality knives in the past. I have a TOPS 'Brothers of Bushcraft' that seems comparable to the Strongarm, only the kydex sheath is not near as flexible for carry.
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  16. 3M-TA3

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    Fine looking knife with very good steel!
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  17. SB21

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    Just a question here ,, the 2 on the right , were the serrations worn down or ground down ,just never seen any worn down as much.
  18. JLRhiner

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    No, the serrations on both are ground from the other side. The picture just makes them look that way.
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