Germans told to 'stockpile food and water' in civil defence plan

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Motomom34, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Motomom34

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    Imagine this headline pertaining to America. Imagine if we were facing this. I do question what percentage of the population would shrug it off or not even know because some people do not read the news.

    Here is what is going on in Germany:

    Germans told to 'stockpile food and water' in civil defence plan
  2. DKR

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    @Motomom434 - have you ever lived in Germany or worked with a person born and raised in the Deutschland? YA?
    Germans are, for the most part - very orderly. If told to put aside some food, they will. They also think it is normal to at all times to carry your state issued ID.....

    (Source - Bundesregierung: Bürger sollen Lebensmittel und Bargeld bunkern - DWN)

    Die Bundesregierung fordert die Bürger auf, einen Lebensmittelvorrat für zehn Tage anzulegen. Dies soll für den Krisen-Fall dienen, von dem man nicht weiß, ob es sich um den Ausbruch eines Krieges oder einen Finanz-Crash handelt. Die Bundesregierung sorgt sich auch um die eigene Sicherheit.

    Thus a transliteration becomes -
    The Federal Government calls on citizens to create a supply of food for ten days . This is intended for the crises - case , from which one does not know whether this is the outbreak of a war or a financial crash . The federal government is also concerned about its own security.

    My take is that 10 days of food and at least 5 days of water is for when the country/region/city is put on lockdown owing to attacks (likely terrorist related)
    Folks breaking the curfew - that is, out of their homes, will be picked up by the local Bundespolizei.

    Keeping any real amount of food on hand isn't a habit of most in the EU. So this will be...interesting.
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  3. GOG

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    And the liberal politicians think it's "upsetting" the people. It's much better to remain in a state of ignorant bliss or outright denial than to contemplate that mean ol' reality.
  4. VisuTrac

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    What percentage of the US population could afford to go out and purchase 10 days worth of additional food? If one is living paycheck to paycheck, it's not going to happen. Prices are too damn high for them. They'll wait for the Looting Sale.
  5. Altoidfishfins

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    If told by the government or strongly suggested most here would undoubtedly shrug off the idea as paranoid thinking by some right wing politician.

    Leftists live in the land of unicorns and butterflies - nothing ever goes wrong - especially since the government is always there to help you if something untoward happens.
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  6. Motomom34

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    @VisuTrac has a great point. Living paycheck to paycheck leaves little for extra. Plus with so many on EBT depending on the time of the month, some may not have any monthly entitlement left. Right or left aside, I find it very alarming that German's were told to do this. I see it as a real bad sign of things to come.
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  7. GOG

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    It's only wise to alert folks to get a grip as best they can. They don't necessarily have to be finished in a day. That's not politics, it's common sense.
    But I think Merkel is prepping the folks for very interesting times.
    I also think that there are a few countries in Europe that are about to experience their version of the Crusades in the near future.
    As are we.
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  8. Tevin

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    A lot of people could not afford to go out today and buy ten days' worth of non-perishable food, especially if they have a house full of teenagers. But they could build up a little at a time. A few extra cans every time you go to the store is not a heavy lift.

    Not a single person who considers themselves an established prepper/survivalist got to where they are by writing just one check.

    It's funny how the dependent culture always uses the tired old "paycheck-to-paycheck" trope to excuse themselves from doing anything meaningful, yet they always seem to have money for tobacco, lottery tickets, hair/nail salons, bling....

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  9. Ganado

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    @Motomom34 I think this is interesting. It looks like a good indication of things to come in europe and here.
  10. VHestin

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    In a way, we live from paycheck to paycheck, but we manage to have enough leeway to get some stockpile essentials, and entertainment luxuries each month. And they are LUXURIES. We're not 'entitled' to them. We don't have much $$ on hand, I'd rather have food/water and medical/sanitation supplies on hand anyways.
  11. DarkLight

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    Have been thinking about this since I first saw the post earlier today and have been turning it around as an exercise.
    If I did have to go to the store tonight and buy 10 days worth of food for the family (non or minimally perishable ie: bread/apples - see below):
    • where would I go
    • what would I buy
    • how much do I think it would cost
    So, the first answer for me would most likely be Aldi. I refuse to set foot inside WalMart if at all possible. The last several times I've gone there (against my will and better judgment EVERY DAMNED TIME) I have been disappointed and returned what was purchased. So, Aldi it is. Least expensive without being "cheap" which are two different things.
    Next, what would I buy? Okay, I have 4 people to feed now (instead of 5 since the oldest is up at school and it's a long damned walk from college to here and if I'm eating non-perishables I might not be able to get her, so let's work with 4).
    Now, I know for a fact you can survive on Ramen 3 meals a day for over 3 months. I did it and only added peas probably 20 times total and eggs another 15 times during that time. Seriously, I ate 6-9 packages of Ramen a day for upwards of 6 months during the "living on my own while not going to college" years. I won't do that to my family though (although that's $35 and done).
    Malt-o-meal cereal. 10 days...lets call it 3 of their big bags. I want them to be full.
    Powdered milk. We've already tried it and they were surprised by how bad it wasn't.

    Spam (or their version). It's almost as good as Hormel and about 65% the cost - 4 cans (2 days)
    Macaroni and cheese (6 boxes). Uses the milk from above and you can technically make it without butter. Mix in the spam. boom. ooooor, use some of the loaf of bread and make grilled spam sandwiches (grilled spam, not the sammich).
    Canned Chili ($1.19/ea). Again, as good as Hormel and about the same discount as above - 12 cans (4 days)
    Crackers (saltines). To go with the chili
    Jar of peanut butter ($2.69)
    Jar of Jelly ($1.49)
    Two loaves of bread ($0.99/ea) (2 days of sandwiches...yes, I assure you we will eat that much and/or supplement the remaining days)
    Two bags of apples (probably the single most expensive item on this list so far)
    Ramen for two days - 14 packages (the youngest always only eats one). I'll make them with more water if it's an issue and there will be a boat load of broth.
    Drinks will be either kool-aid (because they will need the treat) or flavored water, a-la Mio (but Aldi brand is cheaper, $1.99/"24 servings"...would need 2).

    More Mac and Cheese (another 6 boxes). 2 nights
    Tuna for the mac and cheese (4 cans, 2 per night).
    Canned peas and carrots and green beans - 2 cans each as a side, one can per night. I will NOT make them eat them every night without warming them up to them first.
    Canned fruit (whatever is cheapest) 10 cans (supplement the veggies and they will eat canned fruit).
    Canned "Chunky" soups - 16 cans (4 nights)
    Pasta (spaghetti or Rotini) ($0.99/ea) 2 1lb packages (2 nights)
    Pasta sauce - 2 jars or cans
    Ramen for two nights (I'm at a loss here. I keep looking at my pantry and I HAVE stuff to eat, I don't NEED to go to the store...I HAVE Mountain House and tuna and mayo and pickles and pancake mix and rice and beans and chili and all that stuff, but I'm trying to be "dry" and not "fresh").
    Drinks the same as lunch

    So, how much would that cost? My gut plan was under $50 but I don't see that happening and frankly, $5 a day for 4 people would have been phenomenal! I've thrown prices in there from their website (and the local ad) but a lot of stuff they don't have prices on their site. Under $100 for sure. I could make it cheaper by dropping the chili and ramen and spam and mac and cheese and only having PB&J every day for 10 days for lunch. I could do Ramen every night or, frankly, Pasta and sauce every night for less, but I was trying to give some variety. Actually, looking at it, I probably could do it for under $50 but it would get old after 2 weeks.

    REALLY glad I have what I have in reserve.
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  12. Ganado

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  13. DarkLight

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    While I read the thread, I don't have any experience with using it and I treat it like pancakes, the first one is going to get fed to the dog. An emergency isn't, for me, the time to trial and I was literally trying to think "what would I go buy tonight if someone told me the power would be out for 240 hours, starting at midnight tonight".
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  14. Motomom34

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    Excellent list @DarkLight that is a quick easy cheap prep. But the downside is you know what you are doing. Many would not have the thought of most for their money or what is quick and easy during a crisis.

    The article also stated-
    Not just food but stuff to help in case of attack during the winter. I have to admit that this article has stayed in my thoughts all day. I really believe we are too fragile and society is too materialistic.
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  15. ghrit

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    It's kinda curious to me that Germany is advocating citizen preparations, it's almost as tho' complacency has been recognized. It also crosses my mind as a surprise if any of the hard core (longer term on site) monkeys haven't already stocked up enough to go a "bit" longer than 10 days. The question is valid, especially to the neophytes, and really points out where surprise is not your friend.
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  16. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    I am very surprised lately ,I've met several locals here, that are taking the initiative to set aside their own reserve .
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  17. Yard Dart

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    It is an amazing amount of folks with less than three days of food in the house!!!
    On the plus side, when SHTF, the herd will thin out quickly.
  18. Dunerunner

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    Plan on rationing... you will have to do it, so planning now will make all the difference.

    You should shoot for 6 months minimum...
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  19. Yard Dart

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    I think initially, rationing is definitely warranted.. as time and the issues reveal themselves, you can make further choices.
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  20. Cruisin Sloth

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    I would never buy any prepackaged process food . Your being ripped . I buy basic beans , noodles , all basic tomato sauces & all as close as I can to , we use basics to make soup , meat sauces ,etc. Spaghetti , noodles , store for years .
    Thats our view .
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