Germination Times and Temps for Most Vegies

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    Thank you, copied, printed out, put in plastic, and on the inside of the door in my greenhouse cabinet where I store my test stuff, ph, temp, ppm, etc. That little 2nd page needs to be added to, but could greatly increase your chance of survival in a survival gardening situation. The data is often given in the seed catalogs, but not in one place and not how soil temps affect the germination rate. Germination and cloning, if you don't get them right, there is no gardening and most likely no survival. Has anyone seen additional data for other seeds or a similar chart with more entries? Even after 70 + years of being around farms and gardens, I was amazed at the difference a few degrees made in the required time to germinate and how severe the effects on that time are when you depart from the optimal range and how widely that range varies. The knowledge of the time it takes seeds to germinate, how long seeds stay viable, and what temps to store the seeds at, are necessary information if you wish to survive. The charts may help if you don't have someone with 50 years experience gardening in your particular location.
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