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    I watched these last weekend and a lot of good information.Cancer is the main focus ,many other ailments are included as well.<wbr>v=DoUl7F7dWdE&feature=player_<wbr>embedded

    here's another video series that is really good on the same subject<wbr>v=GpVJSnxGw4U&feature=related 9 parts ,but very good<wbr>v=QNoZSduLMuo

    A Nurses Testimonial

    Gerson Therapy- A Nurses Testiminonial - YouTube
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    a good documentary on the stuff we shovel into our bodies

    Food Incorporated - Pt 1 of 6

    This world is becoming more and more insane as the days go by, and soon there will be nothing left for us that isn't owned by some huge dirty corporation.<wbr>v=ZeYLowl1Nvc&feature=share
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    Food matters is another great film.

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Michael Pollan: Twinkie vs. Carrot

    Michael has a LOT of good material out there if you care to look a little deeper<wbr>v=JH-Qv3f73x4
    Polyface Farm Pt.1

    many of you may know of Joel and his farms<wbr>v=sYWYU5V8JOo&feature=related

    INDEPENDENT LENS | King Corn | Extended Clip | PBS

    King Corn is a really good story and this is just a short clip<wbr>v=jDurZc5Yr6c
    McDonalds Food - The Truth<wbr>v=j-ljW5YEdao&feature=share
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    Snake oil my ass.

    OKAY, FIRST! Gerson Therapy doesn't depend solely on Coffee Enemas. There is a lot of nutrition, eliminations, and vitamin supplementation.

    Three people died of coffee enemas in the history of the united states, while doctors kill thousands a year, not to mention the number 2 killer, CANCER, which conventional treatment is failing to cure, but Gerson IS CURING. Oh lets not forget the nutritionally adequate diet, because the doctors aren't sure what causes cancer or how to cure it, nor do they really cover nutrition in med school.

    Most of those facts were happily contributed by the American Cancer Society if you look at the footnotes. A multi-BILLION dollar a year industry representative. The ACS has the most to lose if people turn from conventional treatments towards alternative therapies.

    I could help prevent and also treat ALL of those ailments from my little health food store. I also don't think that if you go to the Gerson Therapy clinic you're going to die of colon hydrotherapy.

    My wife is going to one of their seminars soon, we're very excited to learn more than what is on the surface about curing cancer with nutrition.
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    good for you Avarice, please let me know how it goes for her .I've been in the alternative health care biz for 13 yrs now and main stream meds and practioners are truly a sad bunch for the most part. treat a symptom and not the cause is the protocol. There is a better way.
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    What do you do for a living?
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    a LMT , with most of my training in clinical and sports massage ,I moved on to 4 legged critters,mostly Hunter Jumpers and Dressage and then the Amish and Mennonites saw some of my worskshops and I moved on to LOT's of draft horses...
    my wife and I both are LMT and we've used many essential oils and other types of "things" for our clients
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    That's a BIG client.
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    tried to post a pic and couldn't of one of my larger clients ,he went across the scales at 2650# . Nice Belgian stud ,with feet the size of washtubs.They figured with me at 300# and 6'3" we were pretty well matched.
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    Gerson patient testimonial

    sharing this testimony from a Gerson Therapy patient that was shared on another forum in response to the same post I've shared here . I'm sure that if anyone is interested in contacting this person we could arrange that...

    My brother was diagnosed with non treatable liver cancer a year and a half ago....and given 3 to 6 months to live.

    He went to a Gerson clinic somewhere in California. I though it was some cult preying on the desperate.

    I was wrong.

    A year and a half later, the smaller tumors are gone, and the big one is 1/3 it's original size.

    The 'regular' MD's don't know how to deal with it. One of them even said 'Are you positive the diagnosis was cancer'?.

    They REFUSE to believe that the Gerson therapy actually works.

    My brother isn't out of the woods, but he went from home hospice care to being able to fly to Colorado, and drive a new to him pickup truck 700 miles home.

    So, this isn't anything like 'anecdotal' evidence.

    My brother would be long deceased, if it wasn't for the Gerson therapy.
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    It's just so typical that they would point out that coffee enemas have killed 3 people and try to scare people into thinking that it's some kind of witch doctor nonsense when in fact our doctors are killing THOUSANDS of people each year with highly poisonous cocktails of chemo drugs developed in the 70's and 80's (hardly cutting edge stuff here). Anybody who bucks the norm and doesn't prescibe to what is force fed them by the pharmaceutical companies is doomed to ridicule, false information, and even loss of license. Look into the pharaceutical's role in treating lyme's disease for another great example (Lyme disease documentary | Under our Skin) of course it's only the tip of the ice berg, being sick is big business and the system is as currupt as it gets.
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