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    For those Remember the Bafia run in Africa where a group of people had run to the border with some basic items on themself

    So here is my idea for a get out of town pouch for use to as need

    under the gun area top loading pouch to hold the following unit

    apple ipad preloaded with items need

    on top that pouch is the following items

    1911 with surefire weapon light with one mag in pistol
    1911 10rd mags-x-2-

    left side pouch hold the following items

    money -x-$1000.oo dollars in large bills
    diamonds in vacum bag for tradeing as need
    gold coins
    silver coins for tradeing as need

    right side pouch hold the following items

    money -x-$5000.oo dollars in large bills
    usb ironkey usb device
    apple folding prongs apple ipad power cord with adapter for iphone set up
    over the counter meds items as need -x-4-each in a vacum packed plastic bag for travel

    flip down pouch

    mtm-18 round ammo pouch -x-2-
    surefire sc1 spare item
    compact cleaning kit for pistol with oils and lubes in own carrying case
    compact gi lenstic compass

    on each side of the main chest pouch is pouch for these items

    small fixed blade fighting knife kydex sheath
    surefire flashlight
    gerber multi tool pouch
    small pouch to hold personal meds and gunshot trauma kit in a small pouch as it need

    on the strap is the following a money belt style pouch in shoulder and waist area strap to hold gold and silver coins for tradeing for money as need

    the pouch could be hiden under oversized hawaiian shirt or a t-shirt if need or winter time coat ..

    The idea came about after thinking about getting out of Large city and haveing to hide the fact that i'm armed and have something on me that worth something ..

    So what do you think of the idea and the items in it ..Feel free to change out the items to a something better it just a idea that been floating around inside my head abut stashing something at the office and keep it secured in a desk drawer for ready to use if need..

    if i could not get to anything else in my survival kit at home
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    To me I would think that some of the money you would want in small bills. If you can get what you need with a 10 or a 20 why would you want to whip out a 100??? Maybe I'm missing something here. As far as the diamonds to that takes a trained person to tell if they are real or fake so if you showed up at my farm wanting to trade them I'd send you on your way.

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  3. BAT1

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    Where did you get the pouch?
  4. gunbunny

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    The pouch is made by Blackhawk.

    The list of items may be too much for the pouch to carry. A full size duty pistol and extra magazines can take up quite a bit of real estate in a pouch like this. Velcro is great but it can also give way under pressure at the wrong time with a heavy load that the pouch may not have been designed for, especially with no buckles.

    All of the items you suggested are either bulky (trauma kit, cleaning kit) or heavy (multi tool, large folding knife) in relation to using velcro. Something with latches and straps would allow you to sinch it down.

    I.E.- you stated on the dropdown pouch you want a surefire spares carrier (CR123 batteries and a bulb assy), ammunition pouches (2 MTM plastic 18 round ammunition carriers), compact cleaning kit (Otis? must include a couple of small bottles, a few patches, and probably a rolled up plastic rod), and a GI lensatic compass.

    This in itself is not really a small amount of items. If you are talking about .45acp, then you have some weight there. The boxes are plastic, kind of flat, and would fit together rather nicely, but they are still heavy in relation to what you are planning. The lensatic compass is not a small item by any means. When folded, it may seem to be compact enough, but when stored with other items of a similir size, the load can get bulky fast. The lensatic compass also is kind of pointy, all of the corners will poke at everything, including what it is resting against (your duty pistol) when the pouch is folded up into place.

    If the material the pouch is made from isn't thick enough, if it is only one layer (even cordora nylon), I could see it wearing through in a short period of time. I have a lensatic compass, it is not made of plastic. I wouldn't want it rubbing against my pistol. I doubt that the pouches are padded or of multiple layers, the pouch would be far too bulky to hold much.

    If you are worried about carrying a few grand on you, I'd buy the pouch first. Then I'd try to fit what you safely can into it without it pulling open at the most innopertune time. The straps may be too narrow to be comfotable for a long haul.

    Without the pouch, it is all speculation anyway.

    The pouch may well be good for what you intend, but you may have to scale down the itmes you are going to be carrying. Instead of a GI compass, you could go with a Suunto or Brunton map reading style compass. Maybe a Kahr polymer framed single stack 9mm- they are nice and light (as far as a pistol is concerned) and are quite narrow in comparison to a Glock. Carry ammunition in 5 or 6 magazines instead of the cases.
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    i was going to have the pouch made up to fit my items i wanted to carry ..There is a local place that does custom work and i was talking to the lady after watching a local lady who in Law Enforcement in the area had something made up at the place and she was the one who got me to thinking about the idea for a new and inproved type of Bafia run chest pouch ..

    One design more for the local american citys not for use overseas where a firearm is hard to have in one household ..

    So i have been sitting at the desk and playing around with drawing on paper to see what i can come up with at the time ..

    I know that larger bills would be a problem i was going to add about $500.oo dollars in 10.oo and 20.oo dollars bills to the pouch for use as need and save the large bills for use somewhere that was safe ..
  6. gunbunny

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    If the pouch is custom made, then you can directly control the quality of the materials and construction. I would have each item thought out ahead of time and available for the tailor to make the prototype, with each pouch compartmentalized to keep the individual items from shifting, interfering, or damaging themselves or the pouch.
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    That what the lady did on her custom made chest system that she had made ..She had a pouch and waist band set up with shoulder straps system with the pouch in the front with pockets on the side for her duty weapon and access items all design to fit her body style..

    She was very well bult as they say and it was a funny to watch her try things to get to fit her body shape and the whole time she was telling the lady that the vest never fit just right and the lady who did the sewing took her vest and refitted the straps to make them fit her body shape ..
  8. BTPost

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    Any system like that, I would have, or design would have a Pocket, for a Comms Unit and spare Battery, as well a a Tab to clip on a Speaker/Mic, near my ear, or velcro to attached a Speaker/Mic Earpiece, that ran from the Comms Pocket to near my ear. You are almost NEVER operating alone in a SHTF senerio, and Squad Comms, is a often overlooked Requirement, for survival of the Unit, over any rival units. ...... YMMV.....
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