Get out your Tinfoil Hats... HAARP is going Live in 2017, AGAIN....

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    STEPHEN: Why does the ionosphere behave as it does? At a newly reopened research facility once owned by the U.S. military, university researchers about to ask that same question. Here's more from Amateur Radio Newsline's Jim Damron, N8TMW.

    JIM's REPORT: High frequency radio researchers in Alaska are about to embark on a behavioral study of the most powerful kind, but their work has nothing to do with the habits or psychology of amateur radio operators.

    The scientists will be looking at the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, utilizing what is believed to be the world's most capable high-power HF transmitter. All this work is to be done at the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, facility when it reopens in 2017.

    The FCC has granted HAARP a pair of experimental service licenses to conduct the research at the facility, which is now owned by the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, which acquired it from the U.S. Air Force.

    HAARP's research involves beaming radio waves straight up for hundreds of miles, sometimes with such power that the effects create an artificial aurora. Much of the research has applications in satellite communications and navigation.

    UAF researcher Chris Fallen KL3WX told the ARRL that early next year the research will begin. License WI2XFX will cover testing beetween 2.65 MHz and 8.1MHz, and license WI2XDV will cover the part of the spectrum between 1 and 40 MHz.
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    I don't know who will be paying the power bill, which for HAARP are off the charts, but I'll bet there are connections with certain alphabet soup organizations. Could U of A afford the kind of electricity requirements necessary to operate HAARP, which was blamed for power blackouts along the West Coast in the past, on their own?
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    Those blackouts were incorrectly blamed. Yes, U of A can stand the bill, there will be some grants to go with it. (I'll give you three guesses --)
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    The power is all generated locally... Diesel Generators... Now the Oil Bill gets paid by the .Mil thru grants, via the NSF....
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    I have no idea of the danger of messing with the ionosphere, but it is kind of like using a flare to check the level of the fuel in the oil tank. Probably harmless, but well above my pay grade to say it is totally harmless and will have no effects.
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    Makes pretty Lights, in the Night Sky, and the enhanced Over the Pole Comms, is a blast to work....
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    Man-oh-man I would love to work on that project! I've done just about everything else, not really my forte though... But, they won't be contracting out much as getting slave labor from University for free, so no chance... @BTPost let the Monkey tree know if you hear anything else. I would even be interested if I could see the lights from here.
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    Very definitely looking forward to over the pole contacts.
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    They have a Web Page, and usually Post when the Array will be active, and on what Frequencies...
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    Closing of harp was not a good thing. That just means they got a bigger better one some where else and the old one is just being used like surplus military equipment.
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    Anybody ever watch the movie, "Battleship"?
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  12. techsar

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    ...or "The Philadelphia Experiment" ;)

    No aliens in that one!
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  13. DKR

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    (Rolls eyes)

    My wife and I went to the site years ago (see my article in the 73 magazine archives)

    I called the Navy, and was invited to visit. They opened anything and everything for my wife and I to look over.

    BTW, there is an even larger "heater": up the road at Poker Flats And in Norway, there is another facility that puts the US version to shame.

    The book that got all the conspiracy crap started was written by a school janitor, the brother of our (thank goodness) former Senator.
    Nick B***ich is a tool.
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    When I was a Fed, I had to do a Compliance Inspection of the Phase One Site, before it went live... That was insightful, and very technical. I was kind of Hoping that the Aur Force would scrap it, so I could bid on a couple of the individual Linear Amps, and Tuning Networks... Would have made a Great Ham Amplifier...
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    Not harp, but the history channel had a special on a WWII radio system that transmitted on very low frequencies from a volcano in the Pacific. Miles of antenna wire, transmitter used a generator design from the 1890's and modulated the field to send morse type code at about 20 k. Could pick it up in a submerged sub in Tokyo bay or the basement of the Pentagon. As usual they milked it for all they could, but it was very interesting. Couple of similar installations still exist, but for some reason the military keeps quiet about them. One in Wisconson and I was up in Maine years ago and saw a weird antenna farm and asked a navy guard what it was and his answer was "What antenna?" and nothing to see here, move on. A lot of old military installations have a lot of history and like harp, if it seemed possible, they tried it out, some worked, the atomic bomb for example, most didn't.
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    If governments actually researched wisely, we would be living in low energy footprint, sustainable housing instead of these neo-gothic monstrosities tied into the corporate energy grid. We would be driving affordable electric and magnetic vehicles, not chained seemingly forever to fossil fuels. Instead, everything is run by corporations and those corporations keep growing larger and wealthier, while the people are condensed into one, subservient and dependent class. Virtually everything government does is a "secret" as the war machine keeps chugging along. I know we have a few around here who trust government and believe it actually works --and those people aren't fooling anybody. The HAARP has changed hands numerous times on paper, but it's always funded by the corporate government in one way or another.

    Trust government? Never.
    Trust corporations? Never.
    Trust universities, experts and scholars who all suckle the teet of the corporations? Never.

    Let's see...even DARPA was involved. That should give you a clue all by itself. And do you know what? Let's not even get into the possible uses for HAARP, and just ask yourselves HONESTLY --do you trust your government?
  17. Gopherman

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    All of us who were screaming Chemtrails and were called crazy, they now admit it! Aluminum (Trimethylaluminum), Barium and Lithium being sprayed into the Ionosphere! With these components in the vapor, what could possibly go wrong?
    They say its to study the Ionosphere, What goes up, Must come down! read this article! This directly tied in with this thread.It supposedly enhances Radio wave communication ability.
    This article is from NASA's website, not some crazy conspiracy site!:eek:
    Tracers - Clouds and Trails
    Barium has only a few industrial applications. Historically, it was used as a getter for vacuum tubes. It is a component of YBCO (high-temperature superconductors) and electroceramics, and is added to steel and cast iron to reduce the size of carbon grains within the microstructure. Barium compounds are added to fireworks to impart a green color. Barium sulfate is used as an insoluble heavy additive to oil well drilling fluid, as well as in a purer form, as X-ray radiocontrast agents for imaging the human gastrointestinal tract. The soluble barium ionand soluble compounds are poisonous, and have been used as rodenticides.

    Lithium and its compounds have several industrial applications, including heat-resistant glass and ceramics, lithium grease lubricants, flux additives for iron, steel and aluminium production, lithium batteries, and lithium-ion batteries. These uses consume more than three quarters of lithium production.
    Trace amounts of lithium are present in all organisms. The element serves no apparent vital biological function, since animals and plants survive in good health without it, though non-vital functions have not been ruled out. The lithium ionLi+ administered as any of several lithium salts has proved to be useful as a mood-stabilizing drug in the treatment ofbipolar disorder in humans.

    2. Hazards Identification EMERGENCY OVERVIEW DANGER! Pyrophoric, flammable liquid and vapor. Ignites on contact with air. Harmful if inhaled or swallowed. May cause eye, skin, and respiratory tract burns. Reacts violently with water or atmospheric moisture. Decomposes into irritating dust that may cause liver and kidney damage. Self-contained breathing apparatus and protective clothing must be worn by rescue workers. Under ambient conditions, this is a colorless liquid.
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    I just like to keep the argument simple, if possible. The thing is, getting enough facts and data from a secretive, corrupt government (corporate oligarchy) is damn near impossible, unless the information is hacked and appropriated, or an insider releases "classified" material. Let's just ask if government is responsible and trustworthy enough to be messing with the Earth's ionosphere. If you actually answer, "yes", I will say there's something seriously wrong with your mental acuity.
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    Well said Broker.
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  20. DKR

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    Clam lake is hardly a secret.

    Extremely low frequency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I've used that station in my second of the World of the Chernyi books.

    Due to the technical difficulty of building an ELF transmitter, the U.S., Russia and India are the only nations known to have constructed ELF communication facilities. Until it was dismantled in late September 2004, the American Seafarer, later called Project ELF system (76 Hz), consisted of two antennas, located at Clam Lake, Wisconsin (since 1977), and at Republic, Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula (since 1980)
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