Get paid to live off-the-grid . . . just don't mind the ghosts

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    Haunted Ghost Town Seeking Paid Residents this Summer

    Get Paid to Live in a Haunted Ghost Town
    Bureau of Land Management
    If you could spend the summer in a historic, haunted ghost town in Montana, would you do it?

    If the paranormal is your thing, check out this job posting from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. They’re looking for volunteer residents to help out with the care and conservation Garnet Ghost Town. Back in the day, Garnet was a frontier mining town but has been mostly abandoned for about 100 years.

    Your lodging is absolutely free. You’ll be provided with a furnished cabin, complete with a propane powered refrigerator and range (sorry, no electricity or running water available in historic ghost towns). You’ll even be paid a stipend and allotted a food allowance.

    All you’d have to do is assist with tours, help set up exhibits, work in the gift shop, and other general upkeep. Oh, and, you know, live with the creepy sounds of haunting laughter and music that’s often heard in Kelly’s Saloon, the most active spot on the premises.



    After your shift ends at 5pm, the ghost town is yours to explore.

    “…Volunteers are really left to their own devices after the visitors are gone.” says U.S. Bureau of Land Management Garnet Ranger Nacoma Gainan. “We rely on volunteers to do much of our day-to-day stuff. We can’t hire full-time personnel or even seasonal personnel. But we have all the stuff you need to live there,”

    Visitors and volunteers have reported doors opening and closing without explanation, and hearing footsteps running throughout the old Wells Hotel.

    If this sounds right up your alley, the summer program is open and ready for unsuspecting victims — I mean, applicants! Contact the Bureau at or call [​IMG]406-329-3735.
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    Ooooooooooo. Wife is retiring soon. We could do that in a heartbeat. Thanks for the post.
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    I have NO Interest, as I already GET Paid to Live, out here in Bush Alaska..... However, It is a very interesting Lifestyle......
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    It would not be the first time I had lived with ghosts....
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