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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by CATO, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Inside the Fed

    Just like the govt.:
    • develop a program on someone's whim (without proper research)
    • spent countless dollars putting the whim into production
    • when it's clear the program is a bust, the logical choice is to ... keep it going because the funding is still there.

    I like how they make worthless money to look like gold or silver to make dopes think they actually have something in their pocket.

    Imagine giving one of these to Apu at your local stop-n-rob...he looks at it, and hands it back: fake money, no thank you. I can't say as I blame him.
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    Yes that would be very interesting indeed, but to do so they would have to figure out a way to have a stable economy. With the present 436 idiots running things in washington, that's not likely to happen any time soon. Maybe we should look at the rule book for these things and abide by it. Oh I forgot the Constitution is forgotten, ignored, bent and perverted to whatever whim is the in thing of the moment in Washington, so why use it?
    Because the Constitution is supposed to be the supreme law of the land damn it!!!
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    If we can't have a PM based monetary system, I think a coin dollar is a good idea:

    It makes sense (or cents rather ;))

    Given it could save a lot of money, I back this with the stipulation that the .gov can't use the savings on other gov't waste. (Do pigs fly?)
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    We have an opportunity very soon to voice our displeasure at being robbed, swindled, dejected, and ingored. Only problem is that there are over 50% of the US on the take. Many of them would vote for an ass instead of a person of a different party or persuasion.They did in the last elections. They do not think or care what direction the country is going because they do not care about their direction. They let the media chose their candidates, do their thinking, and casting of their votes. We got the change we are getting because of that segment of our society. They are the problem--not the elected.
    ETA: the PO tried to give me a coin last month and I refused it. Do not remember what denomination it was.
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    Do not worry. The post office is bankrupt and will be privatized soon. They had to stop contributing $5 billion owed to their pension fund this month to pay the bills.
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    That is a typical Federal smoke screen, don'tcha know?
    Save 5.5 Billion (5,500 Million dollars) when the deficit is 14.2 Trillion (14,200 Billion) dollars? Lets do the math, shall we? 14,200,000,000 minus 5,500,000 equals: 14,154,500,000. Net savings: inconsequential.

    Just like the GOP congresscritters crowing about saving 39 billion dollars on the last budget measure. Big joke.

    Just my [2c].
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    Meh. Every little bit saved can be squandered somewhere else.
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    The real problem is that for ever dollar the save they find someplace to squander 2 more. :rolleyes:

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    Well, you have to start cutting somewhere in order to save money to tackle deficit. I never said that the deficit could be paid off with the savings from using a dollar coin, but if we apply the same logic to 100 federal programs (that's a relatively small number, I think- there is probably thousands), then you start to put a dent in the problem.

    To shrug our shoulders and say "what's the use" doesn't seem like a lot of help. As an example, the Conservatives are folding to the Tea Party in terms of the Debt Ceiling. Vote for candidates that sign this pledge. Particularly the Tea Party oriented candidates that sign. The Conservative agenda is clear in this situation- they want control, but the fact that they have to swing us Moderates / Independents / Tea Partiers means that win or lose, the emerging third party is a strong political force.

    I think the people are clear on this issue and WA is starting to listen.

    (ETA: The best solution IMHO is to leave this fiat currency behind for good. While there is small movements that support that, I can't see it happening at the FED level anytime soon. I think Dave Ramsey should be appointed to balance budget as well ;) Barring either of those happening, voting for those candidates that want to bring spending back under control and come up with a reasonable plan to tackle the deficit is the best option.)
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    Al: See above.
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    I hear you Falcon. We can sit around and complain about the waste (or outright theft in some cases ;)) or we can vote to create change. A lot of times that means voting a party that isn't likely to win. It doesn't matter as long as no party gets 270 votes... that will be enough to turn some heads. Then the third party becomes the neck if you know what I mean.

    That is the sort of "wake up" we need.

    (I guess I'm just an optimist :))
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    Heh. Just how would a split electoral college selection be handled? (Rhetorical question, but one that the answer to which has not been exercised that I know of in the life of the Republic.)
  15. Hispeedal2

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    It has been attempted a couple times and came really close with Wallace in 1968. If Wallace would have chose a different VP candidate, he likely would have split the votes. His theory was that he would throw his support under either Nixon or Humphrey depending on who would act on some of his (and his followers) grievances.

    With the strong support for the Tea Party and the joining of registered Independents, Libertarians, Moderate Republicans, and even disillusioned Leftys, there is a potential for this now. The fact that the Tea Party hasn't gone away after 4 years and appears to be growing shows we could see and emergence of a vote-stealing third party.

    I don't claim to be an expert, but the potential does exist. Overcoming bias in the media and uniting all these different moderate idealist under one candidate is the uphill battle ahead. Its certainly not impossible at this point. The economic situation won't better itself overnight and the debt situation is something that even average Americans are eyeballing right now. The climate exists and the chances get better everyday for real change in the status quo (politically speaking).
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    IIRC, and this is NOT for sure, the electoral college is released from it's commitment to elect the candidate their constituency selected in a case where there is no majority. That throws the election wide open for as many ballots in the college as needed to arrive a a single winner. I don't think there are provisions for a coalition government. Hm. Time for a bit of research --
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    You are correct. It wouldn't be a coalition gov't, but rather one party would bow out... with stipulations. I know the 20th covers situations where no president is elected by inauguration day. This helps clarify:

    Deadlock: What Happens If Nobody Wins

    It appears the House?
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    The fastest way to leave the fiat currency is for the .gov to confiscate all precious metals.....again and then pass a law saying we can't own any of it and then give it a value, after confiscation, of $1,000,000/oz. Problem solved. We now have a currency backed by gold.
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    Not True..... It would ONLY be the GOVs word that they kept the Gold, and if folks can't own it, then the currency isn't "Backed by Gold".... It only becomes "Backed by Gold" IF you can trade your paper, for that same Gold, Silver or PMs.... at the rate set by the isssuer of the Paper... if not then it is NOT "Backed by anything" but the "Good Word" of the issuer.... and who trusts these Yahoos??? Yes, we have to live with them, but Trust them, I think NOT..... .... YMMV....
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