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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by wastelander, Nov 25, 2013.

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    I've been shooting the Mini-30 for a couple of years, I got it back before they were regulated here and I got it as a hunting rifle and it is licenced as such, so today it's not a problem. Having found a loophole via a competition and target licence to get a Mini-14 as an IPSC-gun. Would be quite cool also, to have something to stand out from the very common Swedish military modified FN-FNC's and AR-variant you see around here for that discipline.

    Also, well, ammo-prices has turned quite a bit on all russian calibers here. My paranoia tells me someone is aiming to use that ammo that used to go to the surplus-market themselves.

    Anyways, I'd like to hear if anyone ever owned both a 30 and a 14 and could tell me a bit about the differences? I am currently looking at the Tactical 14 and owning a 1989 30
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    If you want to get an accurate Mini-14 go with the target rifle model. Bought one for the wife and with a good quality scope she gets MOA accuracy. Besides being the most accurate M-14, if it is easier to get a "competition and target licence" gun, a target model sound much better then a tactical model.

    I have used both the 30 and 14 standard models to take deer and pigs. Basically the same rifle except for the cartridge and recoil. Don't remember the accuracy, but would not take an animal shot past 200 yards.
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    Worth pointing out - the Mini-14 target model is made to shoot only .223 Remington ammo, while other models will fire either .223 Rem or 5.56 NATO.

    Whether the benefits of increased accuracy outweigh the benefits of being able to shoot either round, is up to you to decide.
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    Having owned 3-4 Mini-14's since the early 1980's (both 180 and later series), I have only one piece of advice.
    If you plan on using 20/30 round magazines, STICK WITH FACTORY RUGER BRAND.
    Pro-Mag, USA, etc. will only casue you grief. Yes, factory costs more but in the long run, you will appreciate it.
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    I've owned a stainless steel mini-14 for about 15 years now (or so), and it's still one of my favorite guns to shoot. Highly accurate with iron sights, and will shoot just about anything I load into it. I've fired tons of the dirtier steel-cased .223/5.56 through it, and it spits it out and asks for more, with (knock on wood) NEVER a misfire or jam.

    I like my AR's.....but I love my mini-14.
  6. I own a mini 14 for about 10 years now i can shoot a rock off my back fence standing in my back door with no scope and now i got a really good varmint scope to Zero, excellent weapon ,you have the ability to use 5.56 ammo on the fly but that is a larger load so you might want to limit 5.56 ammo unless in a pinch. they are simple to break down and clean and easy to maintain the recoil is very light compared to some. Also they have weapons kits to change to none wood stock if you wish.
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