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  1. AxesAreBetter

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    Howdy y'all.
    I have singled in on some B-M Cur/Lab cross puppies I am going to be picking up in the next week, and I was wondering if anybody has any thoughts on training, toys, living setups, really anything to say on the subject. I know a lot of y'all are dog people, and I just want to make sure I get these dogs off on the right foot to be part of the family.
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    Expect it to eat wood,Likely your furniture,Buy plenty chew toys and buy tough ones.
    BM Curs are a 1 family animal and need plenty of room to roam.
    The LDWF use's them here to chase Black Bears,They will tackle a hog without hesitation.
    The good part is the Lab,Expect this to hit the water if trained properly.
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  4. runswithdogs

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    Clicker training. Trying to remember the book I used... will get back to you if I can suss it....
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  5. runswithdogs

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  6. Motomom34

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    I tried clicker training and would not recommend it. The teacher who did the clicker training also said I should never say no to my dog. :rolleyes:

    Elk horns are great for serious chewers. Worth the cost.
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  7. runswithdogs

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    Umm, sounds like they dident have a clue how to do it... or how to train a dog period.

    I highly recommend clicker training... BUT it needs to be done right. Lots of “trainers” out there that say they do clicker training but... well... o_O
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  8. duane

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    Have had very good luck with dogs, they always train me to meet their needs and we end up getting along fine. Dogs like children, have to be taught the meaning of the word no, and if not socialized, both are a pain in the butt. Somehow or another evry dog that has owned me, I get up to take him out, feed him, pay the vet bills, go to work while he stays home, so I might as well admit who owns who, has been a very good dog. Spend a lot of time with them, keep them close, don't tolerate bad actions, speak to them in a dog voice like you would to a child so they know when to pay heed, and you will end up with a good dog. Not very scientific but Bishop's videos of he and his dog go a long way in showing how you can end up with a good dog.
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  9. Bishop

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    A shock collar with remote worked for scout ding the bell say no he keeps doing it hit buzz say no he keeps doing it shock and say no keep it up and he will understand stand what no is or come here
  10. Bishop

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    I am get ready to breed scout with a blue heeler to make a pattersdale blue heeler all teeth and fur.
  11. snake6264

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    Depends on the type of dog you want to have
  12. Ura-Ki

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    There is NO SUCH THING as a Bad Dog, only a Bad Owner! Be consistent and have reasonable expectations, long on praise, short on punishment! Keep lots of toys handy, especially tennis balls, and get ahead of bad tendencies early so you can break them!
    Train to do what you want/need often ( never stop) and let the dog show you what it does best! LOVE does fix everything, and remember, puppies need direction and lots of attention, and they need you to show them how to be good.
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  13. SB21

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    Get him a cat ,,, :ROFLMAO:
    Never had a Cur dog. Knew others that did. Seemed to be very observant and protective dogs, of owners and property. My favorite dog I had was a Pit. She would stop doing anything I didn’t want her to be doing just by saying her name in a stern tone. If she heard that tone , she knew to stop and come back to me. That was never trained into her , she just picked it up on her own. As soon as I’m able to quit running the roads for work and can stay home more ,, I’m going to get me another dog or 2. Congrats on your new dogs. I’m sure they’ll get you trained the way they want you. :ROFLMAO:
  14. HK_User

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    Dogs, good friends and protection. Raised right and consistent training and you have a friend you can trust for life.
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  15. Ura-Ki

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    I hate people, much prefer the company of Dogs! LOL

    Our new Puppy is doing great, and we now have three working dogs, one in training and one full working spec and the last in retirement and enjoying it! They have proven them selves quite useful and handy to have around, Just as it should be!
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  16. Dont

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    Love the Rott's! Will be looking for another pup soon. Little boy is pushing nine now and has hardley slowed down.. Well, I do have to help him into the truck now..
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  17. Yard Dart

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    A quick question with comment. Not sure if you are going to just get one pup or if you were inferring that you were going to get a couple. If you are planning on more than one, never get both from the same litter. You will get a litter-mate syndrome issue with one of the dogs..... and they can be dysfunctional.....

    I rescued my crazy Great Dane/Blood Hound mix from a litter-mate situation..... took me a year to get him normal....after he ate all my wood furniture, debarked the tree's in the yard and screamed like a banshee when he was left by one of his people.
    He is a good dog now, but he has been a challenge for sure!!

    What Is Littermate Syndrome? | The Honest Kitchen Blog
  18. Ganado

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    be the lead dog ... the rest will follow(y):LOL:

    clicker training is great but you have to do voice and body language as well... dogs are pack animals so body language.. they are much smarter about body language than people are.
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  19. Ura-Ki

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    Gotta brag just a little, seeing how nobody has posted any puppy pictures yet!

    cant be havin a thread about puppies with out puppy pictures, that ain't right!
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