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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by VisuTrac, Apr 1, 2011.

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    That guy is NUTS.... I would put money down that he is six feet under by now.... I mean REALLY... that is just NUTS....
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    This idiot is not even an 'organ donor' - try that HERE, he'd be getting scraped off the roadway, a couple cars and a truck...... There wouldn't be any organs left after he got plowed....! [loco]
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  5. tuxdad

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    I kept waiting for a door to open or someone to change lanes without signalling...

    Talk about being dead before the impact ![loco]
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  7. Disciple

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    What a freaking Idiot. Thats why motorcycilists are getting bad names, I was just waiting for the time he crashed and burned, if and when he does the way way he rides, there isnt going to enough of him left to put 6 feet under, if hes lucky they just wont have to do a wash down of whats left.
  8. Robryan

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    I have a Harley Davidson twin and I put 3000 dollars in racing parts in the engine so I now have 1700cc . My son bought a 600cc R6 crotch rocket, and we both kicked on it going up the ramp to the interstate, he passed me up so fast I about jumped off thinking I must have stopped. I believe his engine red lines at 18000 rpm. I don't believe anyone who buys one of these bikes could just do the speed limit.

    This guy is riding a yamaha r-1 182 horse power on a 452 lb bike I would imagine he does fill like he's on a rocket.
  9. gunbunny

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    That's why I got rid of my bike years ago. One day I came to the realization that I was having to slow down to enter traffic on a 65mph highway. I would drag my knee slider as I rode around the on ramp cloverleaf and up into traffic. The problem was, I was leaned over so far, that I had to lift my head up and over my back shoulder as far as I physically could just to see the vehicles zip by behind me as I merged on.

    When you get to a point you become the bike- you know what it can do, you know how much room you need to do something without hitting it, and you know how much room you need to stop. Speed lust just takes over. We don't have too many flat, straight roads around here, and riding like that just becomes natural.

    Luckily I woke up and realized I was heading to be a red smear. I don't own any motorcycles any more. I even thought of getting a dirtbike once, and had to remind myself that I was not the type of person that should be touching handlebars.
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  10. VisuTrac

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    Before I got married and had kids I had a crotch rocket. Granted I didn't play like that in traffic but I did love the triple digits. We have some interstate that late at night it was only you, the deer and the police. North of Saginaw all the way to Mackinaw City. I could burn as much fuel in that stretch as going back from Mackinaw City to Ann Arbor at cruising speed.

    At least I had full leathers (wouldn't need a body bag as i was already bagged)

    But when I got married, bought a house, had kids. The bike went buh-bye. Responsibility took over.

    But i sure do miss being one with the machine.
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    VisuTrac, I was in a similar place, when I got married.... As a single Youngster I built my Harley Trike out of a retired Seattle Police Parking Meter Trike, that had seen many better days. It had extended forks, skinny front wheel and an old wicker chair, back where the Trunk used to be. I mounted a Bus Steering Wheel, and T-Bar that connected up to the forks, and moved the controls back to that, and built an extended shift lever mechanism for the tranny. Oh I loved that machine.... When I had finished college, and decided to head for the High Country, I sold it to a Bellingham Bandito... Still have a MC sticker on my Drivers License, but I haven'r straddled a bike in 4 decades, except 3 and 4 wheelers... Still love the wind in my face though, even if I know better than to temp fate by riding again.... The Memories are good enough, to satisfy the urge....
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    Funny thing BT...I did pretty much the same.

    I rode bikes from the time I got out of the hospital after Vietnam until about the time I married my current wife at just over 30.

    At that point I knew I was going to kill myself on the bike eventually and suddenly wanted to live to be old.

    Around the time I turned 60, I decided that I was "mature" and "responsible" enough that I could survive a bike...and a guy I knew had an old Triumph Bonneville 750 for sale.

    To make a long story short...I had it 2 days, had just stopped at my insurance agent to get it covered, went by the county park to show a coulpe of friends...and went down at 5 mph in the parking lot...ripping out both cruciate ligaments in my left knee when I wasn't quick enough to get my leg out in time.

    I wasn't even being crazy, showing off or anything...just drove into a pothole that the park staff had filled with loose pea gravel and it grabbed the narrow front tire and threw me down.

    Once I could walk again it was back to the little British sports cars that I have done for years...traded the bike for a '75 Triumph Spitfire and settled for the wind in my face on 4 wheels...

    But I do find myself thinking about a trike...some kids just never learn...or grow up.

  13. Tikka

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    My only break in riding bikes was while I was in Vietnam. :D

    To pay for my toys, I worked on other people's bikes. My hobbies had torque or recoil and still do.
  14. Seawolf1090

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    I am rather glad to have my 'new to me' van, so I can bump the bike back to 'secondary transportation' status. It was my only ride for two years. I'd ride rain or shine, hot or cold. Not a problem. BUT..... those stupid drivers who simply do not SEE a motorcycle were a big problem! I still ride, but on MY terms and just for fun. Also, having 38 thundering HP in a 450 pound over-grown road-legal dirtbike keeps me out of too much trouble....... [beer]
  15. Nadja

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    Ah, the old days. I started on a Triumph 650 TT scrambler, learning to ride up on the ranch. Ate a lot of dirt and mansanata brush, but did learn. I was 12. Went on to get bigger and much faster bikes all the time. Last bike was a "triple" which a leo friend came over one night after work and "strongly advised" me to git rid of quick if I wished to continue living. Sure miss them though.
  16. ghrit

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    :lol: I haven't been bit by my Trumpet yet, but she has shown her teeth a couple times. Damn, that loud handle is tempting now and then. The howl at 6 grand going up toward red line is delightful!!
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