Getting prepared for the grid to go down

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Nadja, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Nadja

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    After seeing and reading quite a lot about what is really going on in the world, including this country, I have come to a firm conclusion, that indeed something is about to happen. I would find it prudent that everyone prepare for some kind of life without power and regular food deliveries to their local box food stores.

    No matter what happens, I really think it is going to be very soon, and will end up being a very large event, even though it may not start out that way.

    So , you may want to start planning a back up power source that is renewable without fuel, growing a life giving garden and maybe even a radio system for communicating with your distant neighbors ( within a few miles) as talking to the guy in Australia on your ham is nice, but not going to do you much good if you live in Iowa or someplace like that.

    Time to make a plan and stick with it. Solar ? Strong recomendation for power to at least keep your freezer going. Just something to think about (y)
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  2. dragonfly

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    Done and done! I just added 2 new sola rpanels ( real ones this time!) although the 2 old amorphous are still going strong...who knew? I sealed them with GE 50 year silicone so maybe that helped? Now I just need deep cycle batteries, about 4 and maybe 2 dry ones to go to reserve...? I don't use a lot of electricity nowadays.
  3. Nadja

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    Hey Dragon, do you have a charge controller and inverter ? Kinda sorta might need them. You have or are going to buy some batteries right, well buy them all at the same time even if you have to carry the cash in a wheelbarrow. They will break the bank as it stands. I was just at my local solar store this morning and the t-105's are $145.00 ea and the L-16 were going for around $345.00 ea.
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  4. rsbhunter

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    alternative energy

    VERY good point Nadja.....i even have a site saved that sells large parabolic mirrors that are capable of cooking, boiling water, and starting a fire in about a 1/2 sec...These are NOT toys, they go up to approx 42" diameter..but they run around $300.00 up to $400.00. Solar ovens, berkey water filters..etc....Solar array, better start on your system now....there's alot of $$$$ needed to build anything other than a basic 12 volt system...and the learning curve is long....I also believe that there will be an "event"...when or what, i leave to those who are alot smarter than myself......Maybe people will call us crazy in a hundred years....hopefully , someone will be around to call us names in a 100 years...rsbhunter
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    Yes, we have an assortment of invertors and charge controllers...
    We have the snaller200-400 watts up to 2000-4000 watt invertors, and several of the 7amp and 30amp charge controllers...
    Just need MORE batteries!
    I want 8, but think 4 new online and 2 extra's will suffice...
    But then again, ya never know!

    RSB...can you PM me info on the site?
    I am VERY interested in the parabolic mirrors!
    Thanks in advance!
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  6. Kingfish

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    I agree Nadja. I am scrambling to get this done. Im going with the best system I can afford in the next two months. I am going to have to use cheap stuff for back up but will have a spare inverter and some back up panels. As for food and water we are good, fuel ? check, wood cut spit and stacked? check, weapons and ammo ? check. Just the power to run our freezer still missing. We are working now to remedy that.
  7. Nadja

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    One of the things that really seems to escape most people is vege seeds. Up here in the White mountains, there are NO regular watermellons to be found. Nothing but those seedless things from Mexico, which are like eating beef jerky. No taste, juice or anything else.

    Saturday, my wife had to go up the mountain to china mart, where she gets here perscriptions. She was in shock, as there were 17 lines for check out almost backed into the main part of the store. She said every cart was full to max cap. with food, dog food and supplies. Sure makes you wonder what is going on that we may not be aware of !

    How about everyone here who may have occasion to go into the really big box food stores and look around to see how many people are panic buying lots and lots of supplies ? This would be a great place to post it. You can learn a lot more here then on the tv news for sure
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  8. DKR

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    Make your own -

    THis with an older "C" band dish

    Built with junkyard stuff's_parabolic_solar_cooker

    And finally - here's a page of links to other pages with solar cookers of many kinds's_parabolic_solar_cooker
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