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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by RightHand, Feb 11, 2006.

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    A few photos of the final stages of Forearm QCB prototypes in a rush to get them to the Shot Shot - actually drove the package to the airport the night before they had to be there. Mack Gwinn Jr. of MGI conceptualized these and Mike Sadlak designed and manufactured the prototypes. We got the word that they have made a smash at the show and we're looking at full production for these and some other new stuff for the AK47 and AR15 groups.

    Mack Gwinn is former Military Special Ops and has a long history in the firearms industry. Some of his other designs are:

    *Bushmaster Pistol, Rifle & Submachine Gun
    *QCB for .50 M-2HB FN Machine Gun
    *SSP-86 Pistol
    *90 Round Magazine for M16 & Mini-14

    [center:dd2a1e22fe]Mike Sadlak
    Ed Foster and Joe Tantamonico of Continental Machine Tool
    [​IMG] [/center:dd2a1e22fe]
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    :whistle: [drooling] Need more toys............ [drooling]
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    Nice pics RH
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    [ditto] thanks
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