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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by BTPost, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. BTPost

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    Today we started our push to get things ready for Winter Mode.... We got three weeks before “Lights Out Day” and it isn’t rainning today, like it has for the last week, and will again, tomorrow and for the next week, or so... We shifted the Freezer goods around for the third time so we can defrost the fouth Freezer, all in preperation for our Grocery Order to arrive on next weeks barge... I took the Rhino down to the Port Shop, and drove in over the Oil Pit... Changed the afilter & drained out last years LubeOil, andput in fresh 15W40 Delo400... Pulled the Sponge AirFilter and washed out a years worth og Road Dust, dried and reassembled it in the Housing... Adjusted the Shift Lever Linkage so I can get the Tranny into Low Gear Forward.... Cleaned off the Frontroon Table of all my Network Learning Hardware and move it over to the WinterShop, and then reSet it up over there, so I can continue to mess around with it, and work out the Layer 3 Switching & Routing scheme I want to use this winter & next year... Swapped out the Battery in the Bronco, for one that holds a Charge, so when I put it away for the winter, it will start right up if needed, or next spring... Momma is out slaying all the weeds in the side yard, with RoundUp... and she went and found a bunch of 5USG Buckets to use nas planters and such... So now I am sitting in my easychair watching the Baseball. Game, on the nTube, and waiting for my Steak & IceCream Dinner....
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  2. Meat

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    Go Mariners. Let me guess. You’re eating pizza pie tonight. :D
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    I believe pizza is Wednesdays...I could be wrong. :cool:
  4. BTPost

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    Well “Lights Out Day” was last Friday at 5Pm... Been real quiet ever since.. Yea, Baby... Mail Plane showed up today, on a Holiday... Some local Summertime Yahoo was schedualled to leave on the plane, but decided to not go, but did NOT have the courtesy to call them and let them know... Pilot sat around for two hours waiting, the said “Screw this” and left for town... Just another day in the Alaskan Bush...
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    We're just in the woods, not out in the bush like you, but we've been doing our Winter preps too.
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