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Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by ~kev~, Feb 4, 2008.

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    Its time to cut your potatoes and get them ready to plant - OR, soak them in some water to get them to sprout. But either way - next weekend and in 2 weeks my potatoes are going in the ground. Next weekend the butter potatoes are being planted, and in 2 weeks the red skin potatoes are being planted.

    Potatoes are your friend - unlike a lot of other crops, potatoes can be eaten at any phase of development.

    An experiment is currently going on, 2 potatoes cut in half and set in a layer of water, and 2 potatoes with tooth picks suspended in water.

    January 26th - 2 potatoes cut in half and set in a dish of water.

    One week and one day later - February 3rd. These potatoes are sprouting faster then the potatoes at room temp with no water.

    The sprouts on these potatoes are past ready to plant. You do not have to wait until they look like this to plant.

    Eyes cut into sections.

    Let these dry for a week or two and they will be ready to plant. Potatoes with just one sprout are planted whole.
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    its to early for me to plant taters.but it is on my wont be long many hills are you going to plant??? i would like to try some of the purple potatoes and the finger ones.but red pontiac and kennbec are my favorite so far.....NO YUKON
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    snowed again yesterday... thanks for the potato primer...I didn't know the water and dish method...
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    OK, I didn't know about the soaking part, I don't remember that when I was growing up. I remember just planting "cubes" of potatoes into the ground, without sprouts.

    Potatoes are something that want to grow this year. Can I just get a bag from the store, sprout 'em, and plant 'em?

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    Try urinating on them.
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    What variety are those? peetatoes?
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