Getting Started in Pressure Cooker Canning

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    Getting Started in Pressure Canning.

    The following will be a series of reference links for getting started in canning. I may or may not have purchased merchandise from the companies used for information purposes in the links.
    general info, why can.
    next link is the Cadillac of pressure canners.
    a good starter pressure canner.
    another one.
    link to #1 recommended starter canning book.
    A good source for pressure cooker parts. Covers Presto, Mirro, and American.
    Presto Company canning recipes.
    an excellent overview, with tons of links.

    a recipe site with many excellent info links.

    And last but not least, there is this Lady by the name of Jackie Clay. She writes for Backwoods Home Magazine. When it comes to many things and specially canning, this lady is my hero. She has more knowledge on canning than anyone else I have found. Here is one of her recipe/stories on canning meat.

    I hope this answers some questions on canning many of you have, and that it gets you started. It's a great way to put up food for storage.
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    Fantastic tac; I was going to do this very thing but you beat me to it brother. Keep up the good work brother.
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    Thank you tons! I've been building up to getting a pressure canner and am just about there. Now I've got the oomph to finish.

  4. TnAndy

    TnAndy Senior Member Founding Member is also a great source for canning lids, cheapest I've found them on the net.

    Another place to watch is Walmart, toward the end of the summer into fall....they cut the price quite a bit to move lids.....bought cases for 1/2 price.

    Can't have too many lids, IMHO.....I have about 5,000 on hand.

    Jars too. I figure one quart of something per day per family member for a year is a good number to have. For two of us, that works out to about 800 jars.....that's 67 cases of jar, or a good pallet load. I bought 50 cases of new, wide mouth jars a few years back from a local old time hardware store that stocked probably 3-400 cases at any one time. The rest we've bought case/two at a time from the grocery store.

    The ability to preserve food is going to be a CRITICAL skill should the SHTF. Be tooled up and practiced.
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    Great thread Tac! I grew up thinking that canning was women's work. Now I'm the canning maniac in my house. When I got the All American 941 I thought just maybe I had gone to far. Turns out to be the best investment I ever made.
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    I keep the "Ball Blue Book" handy. It is unsurpassed for details on canning of all kinds. I do not keep thousands of lids but do have quite a few boxes of 12 of several sizes.
    On another note: looking for three dozen 5" lids for my gallon jars-anyone know of a source?
  7. Falcon15

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    None that I know of...have you called Ball/Kerr's 800#?
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