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    Went to my land in Colorado over Memorial day weekend. Got alot of clearing done of the trees needed to be removed for the cabin, as well as for solor exposure...takes alot longer than when i was 20, or 30.....Talked to a couple guy's about the excavating, leveling the pad and general area around the cabin.....It's not cheap having people bring equiptment up to 10,000 ft!! Got 2 prices of between $1K to 2K to dig up the stumps, and do the leveling...included some pics.....Russell
    IMG_1923. IMG_1926. IMG_1924.
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    Take some of that maple to the sawmill and get some future gun stocks out of it.
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    Wish it was maple, all of it is either quakies (aspen) or some form of fir or pine...i'll use it no matter for something, but would love to have a flame maple , or quilted maple stock!!!!!
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