Ghillie Cape - hand tied by a veteran

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    Aloha Monkeys,

    Updated my operating system and now am having to relearn the whole photo sizing and posting thing :(

    So I figured I'd try it out here... let's see how posting pics goes ;)

    Got a Ghillie Cape that I picked up to support veteran buddy... never used it and just sat stored...
    Hopefully this will find a good home where it will good use in the field ;)

    Good size 6-7 feet by 4-5 feet if my failing memory serves me right... got a pic with tape measures on it... square concrete in the first pic are 12 inches by 12 inches

    All hand tied according to how my buddy learned and used while he was in the services....

    $GONE plus $15 USPS priority mail, insured with tracking to the USA...

    Thanks for looking Monkeys,

    Take Care and God Bless,






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    [applaud] [winkthumb]
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