Giant bug saved from extinction.....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, May 8, 2012.

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    In other news, giant bug released into N.America and eats all crops in 6 months...1/4 of world's population dies of starvation. European scientists say "We're terribly sorry...we didn't know the bugs would eat everything. We just wanted to save them. We really didn't think about the effect of our actions.

    A team of farmers have come up with a natural pesticide to kill all the bugs, but the remaining members of the EPA has prohibited its use until more study has been done on the effects of the pesticide (apple cider vinegar and water).

    Six-Legged Giant Finds Secret Hideaway, Hides For 80 Years : Krulwich Wonders... : NPR
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    I think I'd be much more concerned with the scientists that keep microscopic bugs from becoming extinct (such as small pox et al) than scientests that are keeping giant bugs from becoming extinct. Given the Ball's head stick insect's vulnerability to predation by rodents (and presumably other insectivorous predators...the odds of it becoming an agricultural pest is probably not great (though the risk cannot be excluded).

    If there is a noxious, destructive species that if reduced to its last few breeding pairs on earth, that should not be brought back from imminent exitinction (by whatever means), that species would have to be Homo Sapiens, without a doubt whatsoever.
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    Do you need help with taking yourself off the planet? or are you just excluding yourself from your statement.

    No offense.. well..some offense.. but I've heard that statement more than a few times this week alone and I have to say that it's quite possibly the single most retarded thing I've heard.

    If you feel so strongly about that.. pick a door and jump out of it and save us the trouble of having to hear you gripe about a specie that I think would prevail if we just let idiot savants that speak this trash, pile on a ship and sail off into the sunset.

    You are clever with words and have some interesting things to say, but really? you don't like being a part of humanity?

    Sorry, I just can't comprehend this. You either think so highly of yourself that it's some how seems "intellectual" to say this ******** or you really believe it.

    Which is it?
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    While I might agree that our population does need to be reduced a good bit, I surely wouldn't make Man extinct, just to please the green weenies and PETAfreaks who bemown the loss of the most useless animals.......
    Most of us are naturally hardwired for survival, and fotering our own kind, even if it means other sprecies die out.
    Often Nature selects these species to die out, to make room for others. Our time may have come, it may not have - but I'll fight any A-hole who tries to hasten that event. :rolleyes:
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    That is a huge bug. All I can think about is being out camping and this massive insect crawls up onto you.

    Nasty, but that is why I am not a Scientist.
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    Hmm...I wonder how long you have to boil dat bug...I would roll it to 3 min's...
    and let it soak for 5 min's...
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    I can go along with that if its near that island [shtf]
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    I'd like to see a little more common sense applied to the conserving, or reintroducing of any bugs, large or small, into any ecosystem.

    For that matter, the artificial conservation or reintroduction of any species should be a matter of great reflection and debate, because consequences, as history as proven, can be unexpected and severe.

    Now Chell, if you would be willing to modify your comment about the extinction of "homo spaiens" to the extinction of "meddling scientists", we'd be in complete agreement. I keep waiting for one of these idiots to reintroduce the T-Rex. You think the morning commute is a pain now, wait until you have a couple of T-Rexs scampering through traffic.

    Some things SHOULD die!
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    I agree Tulianr. Scientists get so fizzy over something like this that they lose their mind.

    Hey...this bug is cool...let's reintroduce it everywhere....

    Never thinking of the ramifications of their actions. Stupid people...yeah, get rid of them

    It reminds me of some TV show I watched one time: way back when, a bunch of real Wylie Coyote geniuses wanted to get rid of some bugs on their sugar cane crops so they imported this big fat toad from South America--let's call him Pablo. Well, Pablo has taken over the barrio because he doesn't have any natural predators and has poison glands all over him.

    These bunch of geniuses....hmmm, what country were they from...anyway, how could they have known right? Well, any moron knows that there's not much from the rain forest that won't kill ya. It would be like dropping a member of MS13 into a private prep school. Those yuppie kids wouldn't have a chance.

    People act without thinking....
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    Wouldn't be any stranger than other groceries I've eaten down there.Mostly GOOD. But there was this one weekend in Morgan City.........................
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