GITMO detainies get a $750,000 that you paid for.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Matteo10572, Feb 28, 2012.

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    Just like prisons, you gotta keep in shape for when they get out. Not surprised at all, to hear this.
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    Exactly. If they were in CONUS, they'd have a basketball court and a weight room.
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    This is what makes it impossible for me to give up cussing!!!!!!!! What should be done some of our goverment should have to spend some time in one of their prisons and then see how willing they would be to give them recreation. The only recreation any of these guys or the ones in US prisons should get it on a road side at the end of a chain.("moving up here boss") ("Moving up there Luke")!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I think this is great! But why spend the money on grass. These guys dont know how to play soccer on anything but dirt and sand.

    CluuuuUUUuuuubbb GITMO, where terrorist can live well on us! (think the theme song to the villages)
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