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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CrazySingleMom, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. CrazySingleMom

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    Saw this on another forum ... so just thought I would pass it along so others can sign up too :)

    Emergency Preparedness 30 Day Free Giveaway Event

    1<sup>st</sup> place winner will receive over $65 of free products in a 50 cal. ammo can. I will give you a breakdown of what is inside:

    • Pocket size signal mirror
    • 3 light sticks (green)
    • 5 carabineers
    • Brunton Gerber Survival Combo Set
    • E-Z towels
    • Jam in a jiffy (A quick way to make freezer jam. Just buy your fruit, add the ingredients and you’re done!)
    • Mountain House meal for two. (Mexican Style Rice and Chicken)
    • 50 cal. ammo box
    2<sup>nd</sup> place winner will receive the Leatherman Squirt P4 and 3 light sticks (green).
    3<sup>rd</sup> place will receive a 30 cal. ammo can filled with 33 bars of trioxane.
    Good luck to you all! May the best prepper win!
  2. BadgeBunny

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    I've never won anything in my life (well, except a hard time) but hey ... ever the optimist ... Thanks!! **scurries off to register**
  3. -06

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    Wish all could be a winner. Am a bit skeptical of the site considering the contents and calling it a "survival kit". I know it is merely a advertising gimmick but there are many things that are much more important to a "kit" than those presented/offered. Ammo cans are wonderful but mark them as to their contents. They stack great, are weather proof, and vermin proof.
  4. Thanks CrazySingleMom for mentioning the giveaway event on SurvivalMonkey! My name is Josh Howard and I am the creator/writer of

    I do want to assure everyone that the prizes are legit and will be given away to three different people. My hope with doing this giveaway event (advertising gimmick) :) is to make people aware of the new blog and reward those that wish to be a part of it.

    As we all know, prepping covers a wide range of topics and ideals. By sharing our knowledge and information on places such as SurvivalMonkey we become better prepared for life's unexpected events.

    As I am not some big company bringing in lots of money ever month, my funds are limited to what I can give away. I am, however, open to suggestions on items to give away in the future. The items listed in the giveaway are preparedness oriented and are not intended to be used in any sort of "survival kit".
  5. CrazySingleMom

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    Your quite welcome Josh :D

    Good to see you here, this is a pretty small forum (For now) but seems to have lots of nice people :)

  6. UGRev

    UGRev Get on with it!

    Props to Josh from EPI. I was pleasantly surprised to have won 2nd place price and received my generous gift (because we all know nothing is free) today.

    Thanks Josh! :)
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