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    Was going to wait till Monday to post this but Monkey's are already on the move to visit family & friends

    This is the week in which Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. A time of thanks, a time to reflect on your blessings. The true story of Thanksgiving was not one of a big picnic between the white man and the natives. It was actually a massacre, a real brutal thing. I didn't start this thread to debate the origin of Thanksgiving, I started this thread to share.

    Every year prior to Thanksgiving meal, we go around the table and each person says what they are thankful for. In a time when the world has gone crazy, people are scared, people are trying to hold on to some semblance of a good life; it is good time to say thanks. I ask my fellow monkeys to join me in saying what they are thankful for. (Americans, Canadians, Australians and all other countries)

    What I am thankful on this Thanksgiving:

    I am thankful for my job, for the good health of me, my family and friends. I am blessed that I live in a country where I can openly practice my faith. I am blessed,and so thankful for my children who show they are solid, decent and loving. When needed they will drop what they are doing, band together, showing family first now and forever. I could not ask for more.

    I am thankful for finding Survival Monkey; that allowed me to join & meet kind, like-minded people who still have hope. I am especially blessed to have found a few monkeys that have become true close friends, they have showed kindness, gave me strength and true caring. And thanks for the occasional kick in the rear when needed.
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    I'm thankful for family and friends, Survival Monkey and the other forums I participate on, for ammunition being back on the shelf and that the sun comes up every day.
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    I am thankful for healthy family and healthy friends and survival monkey friends that I pray are healthy and will stay that way.
    I am thankful for God and my church. I am thankful I can read my Bible without fear. I am thankful for my bountiful garden and all that it accomplishes.
    I pray for all of our Soldiers and their safety and health.
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    I am thankful that despite the world's troubles and the ongoing encroachments and attempted encroachments to our freedoms in this country, for the most part a bright foreseeable future remains.
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    What a wonderful thread! I am so grateful that Jesus gave His life for me. I am thankful for my wonderful husband and the life we have been given together. I'm thankful for my kids, who deal with our crazy family with great aplomb. I'm so lucky to live in a country where making $38k annually is below median income and still puts you in the top one percent worldwide. I'm grateful for our military, and their willingness to die for my freedom. I'm extremely grateful, but I have so much to be thankful for.
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    I'm grateful for my Family and friends, for the opportunities we have been given through our forefathers. I'm also grateful for our military , police, and firefighters who will be without family this thanksgiving so we can be safe with ours.
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    I am "Thankful" that Alaskachick is on a Plane from Anchorage to Juneau, and will be HOME by 2Pm this afternoon, after a 1 week trip to NYC, that turned into a 3.5 week trip, to, and from, HELL.....
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