Glad I don't live in NY either!

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by VisuTrac, Jan 24, 2011.

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  2. Seawolf1090

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    NY State has some nice areas, and there are 'good' New Yorkers - but it would not bother me too much if NYC fell into a deep hole...... [dunno]

    Same with Illinois vs. Chicago, California vs. Los Angeles and San Francisco......
  3. Catullus

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    I just moved to the North Country from North Carolina...let me tell you I was floored when I started researching the gun laws here...totally out of control!
  4. mysterymet

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    That's why you must be glad that you sold most of your guns before you moved up here.
  5. Hulka73

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    They've tried passing stuff like this before, only to have it get lost in the senate. Luckily the state senate is Republican controlled. One of the main gun grabbers (Schneiderman) just got a big promotion to attorney general too. If you want to get sick to your stomach watch the NY assembly "gun control day". All those downstater's trying to pass the same crappy stuff every year. I've watched it twice over the past few years and I'm lucky my tv is still in one piece.
  6. jjs72

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    I grew up in Central New York, beautifull country. I got stationed in Colorado, and been here ever since. That has been 19 years, now. I got family that live back there.
    Politics in New York has always been questionable.
  7. Falcon15

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    If you live in a control state, VOTE WITH YOUR FEET. Take your tax FRNs elsewhere, to a gun-owner friendly state. If it is red on THIS MAP, you may want to move there. Basically if the Brady folks don't like the state laws, I want to live THERE.
  8. Byte

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    Ahhahhah Montana is a 4 point state on that map. Go us! 2 of the points are 'for the kids' and the other 2 are for refusing to force colleges to allow guns. Basically the first 2 are feel good points & the second 2, well I actually agree that the state doesn't have the authority to force non-state owned schools to do anything they don't want to do. I'd personally vote with my money and deny them the honor of my presence on their campus! Well, OK, it's really the money that I'd be denying them...

    All-in-all that makes MT a 2 point state in my book! ;)

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