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    aardbewoner judge a human on how he act,not on look and talk.

    Hard to find any info on how to make and grind glasses for reading and or old age.I know i do have 4 pair spares . Just want to know how to do it. And as the are made of polycarbonate, a good use of the old optical s .
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    Eyeware uses cast lens blanks, both with polycarbonate and glass. Grinding and polishing is done by some pretty dern fancy equipment that is highly automated. To get a lens suitable for vision correction probably can't be done in the "backyard" altho telescopes have been fabricated by amateur astronomers for a long time. Those telescope lenses generally follow spherical shapes and are not too difficult to make if the cast glass blanks can be obtained. However, eyeware is NOT spherically ground, and the multiple curves would be a tad difficult to manage without some specialized equipment. Basically, I'm saying an optician with better than average equipment and talent should be included in your tribe if serious sight correction is needed and spares are not available.
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    Rx glasses can now be ordered online.

    there are some adjustable glasses that can be adjusted over time as vision changes, however, the quality of certain inexpensive models seems low ..

    the ones DL linked seem to be better quality [ $99 - $120 ] than the cheap $16 versions

    some reviews are (y) (y) other reviews are not :( :(
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    Lions Club developed some glasses that used clear epoxy forced between flexible lenses to make custom glasses in 3rd world countries.
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    Thing is, with Rx glasses costing so little(I just bought two pair from Wally World for $38 each), it would behove those of us to buy as many pairs now.

    The adjustable vision would be a fall back if as in my case(astigmatism) would cause my vision to degrade further till things got back to a level of normalcy.

    Even though eyeglasses existed way back in Ben Franklin’s time, they were very expensive to grind.
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    I think this is one of those things you just can't do as a home shop hack. As has been mentioned, lenses are ground by robots to very tight specifications.

    Along the lines of what @ghrit brought up, some hobbyist astronomers do make their own telescopes, but they use commercially-produced lenses. Basically, you can do everything yourself except the lenses.

    For hundreds of years lenses were made by hand without robots and computers but if you think you can replicate the process remember that the lenses of old were not that good and still required a great deal of effort and skill to make.

    If you must wing it yourself, a 3D printer is probably your best shot.
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    it can be really time consuming even when done by machine let alone by hand

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    aardbewoner judge a human on how he act,not on look and talk.

    Yes sec_monkey but we are supposed to have a lot of spare time in winter :)
    I agree totally that its a long job, just want to know how to do it. how to calculate it.And if the idea of piling up old dvd s give a usable blank (for any kind of lens).
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    thanks for the links @DarkLight ive been putting off gettting new reading glasses but the adjustable ones might be a better option rather than just doing reading glasses.
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    something I like is the more expensive models allow for adjusting to each eye if I read it right...

    although the cheaper one appear to allow for distance viewing...

    perhaps a pair of both?
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