Glenn Beck talking about Somalian refugees in Minnesota today

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    Listening to Glenn Beck today talking about the re-location of Somalis to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area today. he was saying that in some restrooms they had to post signs in their own language on how to use a toilet. The Somali's were used to either defecating out in the open or into a hole.
    I can add to Glenn's story. I used to work in Minneapolis. At that time they were flying in one plane load a week from Somalia. Soon after they started this airlift they had some hospital cases of the newly arrived refugees coming ino the emergency rooms with broken legs, arms or head injurys. Inquiring on how they injured themselves showed a pattern. The Somalies didnt know you were supposed to SIT on the toilets and not STAND on them to defecate!! Gee, I guess the toilets seats are a little slippery!
    The second part of the story. A good friend of mine named Larry owned a small security business there. He installed cameras and security systems in businesses and houses. Once he bid on and won a Job for the City to install security cameras in two high-rise apartment buildings down town. Turns out they were the apartments that were let to the newly arrived Somalians that they were flying in every week. They were giving them free housing and God only knows what other benefits. The city told Larry they needed the cameras in the common areas of the buildings like the hallways, elevators and rec rooms. every morning the poor janators had to clean up poop and pee in the corners, hallways and elevators. the Somalians were not even using the toilets. The city put up signs but they were ignored. the only way to stop them from defecating in the common areas was to man the camera's 24X7 and catch them in the act! Man! I wouldnt want to be one of those camera watchers!
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    Send them home, I'm tired of this crap.
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    not mentioned is the fact that the teens are going back to Somalia for radical Muslim indoctrination and weapons training .... the Twin Cities area is considered to be Ground Zero for domestic attack ..... just a matter of time
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