Global ban on insults to Mo-ham-id

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Sep 25, 2012.

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    To heck with them.
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    Yeah, it's pretty amazing that they would even suggest something like that. It just goes to show how ignorant and deluded these people are.

    The problem is how large groups of muslims act not anyone else, there is no excuse.
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    So how would they react if the opposite was proposed...making it illegal worldwide to say things like, oh I don't know, "We want to destroy Israel"? Calling anyone but a fellow Muslim an "infidel"?

    Lets, for a minute, assume that they aren't profoundly they have ANY idea how ridiculous and hypocritical this is? Do they care? Do they think that anyone is going to stand for it for any longer than it took you to read this?
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    My penned wild piney woods rooters are getting bigger, and like red meat. Send me some fresh deceased radical true muslim believers. Preferably drug and disease free, (I wouldn't want to hurt my hogs). Much cheaper green garbage disposal. Have freezer truck, will travel. No fuss no muss. Call Paladin. We can handle the overflow and build up of carcasses. Our Gator farm accepts the surplus, however we try to serve the needs of the Peaceful Islamic peoples everywhere to dispose of this human waste in a way that will ensure they do not polute your paradise for the great afterlife. Also much cheaper than cremation or burial. Call 1 - 888 - paladin (725-2346) ..... discounts for Monkeys
    Hey Mud Ham Head, you're on my carcass pickup list.
    This is a parody post. You have to laugh about this crap, the alternative is to cry, or go kill something. This is for those who seek their laughs elsewhere and don't understand this. --> Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Shut up! ... I kill you!
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    And Jesus was persecuted
    Christians were throw to the lions
    Jews were hunted down and exterminated
    Japanese were rounded up into detainment centers
    Darfor? Anyone?
    Rwanda? Anyone?

    doesn't matter. Haters be hating.
    Tyrants rise to power
    Tyrant fall.

    Just another day of human kind killing human kind over silly little differences of Religion, Ethnicity, Land and resources.

    I don't know when WW IV will be fought, but the arms will be rocks and sticks.
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    So what this means is that there are yet even more people who can kiss my fat white ***?
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