Global gun control law pushed by Clinton

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by GrandpaDave, Nov 6, 2011.

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    First let me say... sorry if this is in the wrong place... but it is news about firearm ownership
    you can read the full story for yourselves here Global gun control law pushed by Clinton - National Law Enforcement |

    my thoughts... this act has just ended any hopes she ever had for running for president...

    Further more... Even if this law were to pass... most legal guns would simply vanish into thin air...(Gee mister jackbooted thug... someone must have broke into the house and stolen my Bushmaster... it was just here yesterday...) Damn I hate Hillary... [CRC]
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    It would be a supremely unenforcable law for several reasons......

    1) It is unConstitutional - no true American could abide it.

    2) Since so many of our guns are NOT registered, they would fall off the radar - til they are needed.

    3) Since this would be a total slap in the face of our very way of life, it could mean the beginning of the Second American Civil War - don't bury them, we need them NOW!

    Can the globalists truly be this suicidal.....?

    [shtf] [wannamesswitme] [gun]
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  3. dragonfly

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    Will "they" try?
    Will "they" succeed?
    Tough call!
    Will "they" win?
    No way!
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    I believe ( may be wrong)treaties have to be ratified by the senate: just don't see it happening.If it did at least we'd have an obvious "criminals list" made up. Hillary is one "haggard" beotsch though; literally hate that woman: right up there with Pelosi; Feinstein and Boxer. Funnyhow I only seem to only have problems getting along with "liberal thinkers".
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