Global Warming.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jim, Mar 5, 2007.

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    I've given this some thought, and I've come to an inescapable conclusion. If global warming protocol is followed, and we must take the steps outlined in the Kyoto Treaty, they will have profound effects on the world economy and agricultural production. The first things to go will be chocolate, then sugar, then coffee. No matter how prized they are by myself and others, No matter how loved, no matter how much we think we need them, they must go. How can one indulge in pleasures when it's effecting the global climate? Besides, we won't be able to afford them anyway.
    Lets face it, people are going to starve. Food will be at an all time premium, and there will only be enough space for true food products. The Kyoto Treaty if followed will wreck the world economy, and who will be able to afford chocolate, sugar, and coffee at 100.00 per ounce once the production costs and TAXES are added on? The present growers and hired workers in these areas will be forced to start producing corn, beans, rice, and the like. So, what little chocolate, sugar, and coffee there is will go to areas that have a higher priority than you or I. Perhaps the ultra rich, and the UN can afford them, because we sure won't be able to. Something to think on.
    Please pass this along freely, especially to the ladies you know.

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    It doesn't matter whether we take the steps outlined in the Kyoto Treaty or not. And even tho Boone T Pickens, Matt Simons and the GAO have all just come out and said we are now at Peak Oil, Peak Oil doesn't matter either. OK, I can hear "Why?"
    Remember that "giant sucking sound" of jobs going over seas? Well now the countries and all the people who got those jobs are using ALOT more energy and are bidding against us for it in the world market. Like China is now the second largest importer of oil. A developing third world is creating a second "giant sucking sound" - for oil. The increased demand for oil will dwarf any unlikely minor increases in oil production and drive up oil prices. Our economy and life style are built around cheap oil. Almost everything will cost more. Agriculture, transportation, heating, cooling, industry, you name it, they run on cheap energy - mostly oil. Kyoto, shmoto, peak, smeak, the market will still get us.
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