Globilization is the Plan

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    Globalization is the plan. Lets back up several years and look at our history of wars and put all the flag waving aside and wipe the fog off our glasses. Who benefited? On one level, we expanded our Imperial base at the cost of a few thousand American lives but where was the gold ring? Can anyone really make a case for “spreading democracy” or “Humanitarian efforts”? If we put all “American” interests aside, who really pulled the strings?

    Now let’s think about the “consumer based” economy a bit and look at the reasoning behind that. Take a truck driver that works in Idaho delivering raw minerals from a strip mine to a processing plant in the. He makes a good living driving his truck, has company paid health insurance, burns enough fuel to keep the oil refineries working over-time, pays his mortgage, and feeds his family. The truck-load of ore he delivers the processing plant is smelted into lead and shipped by rail to another processing plant to be extruded into wire solder on little plastic reels made in Vermont at a plastics factory. The solder is packaged and transported to Miami Florida and loaded onto a ship by stevedores and carried across the ocean to Taiwan where it is assembled into circuit boards that form a small cheap weather radio. The radio is placed in a box and shipped back to Miami, off-loaded, taxed, trucked to Mobile Alabama where I buy it at a Radio Shack or Walmart for $4.95. Maybe ten thousand people across the globe make their livelihood from the production and sale of this five dollar disposable radio from United Mine Workers to Teamsters to Stevedores, to Shipping Companies to Oil and Plastics industry people to Taiwan Electronics firms and back again. They would have us believe that this perpetual motion machine shows a profit and supports our global economy by shear volume of production that only works by us consumers continuing to buy replacement weather radios with designed obsolescence. This is a nice myth but it doesn’t take into account that raw materials are not infinite or free so we have a “pretend” system that supports a “pretend” economy and no-one asks who really profits?

    Now take into account that our public education system gives away free milk bought and paid for by the Federal government with tax dollars taken from each of these ten thousand people and the only string attached is that schools have to strictly follow Federal “Guide-lines” in curriculum. History becomes “politically correct” and we are prevented from learning from past errors. Educational standards are lowered (grading curve) to insure that all of us “Created Equal” people have the same level of mis-information and a basic understanding of how to read and write (so we can do our taxes?), but not much else. Schools must teach social conformity and turn out truck drivers, miners, and assembly-line workers for the system to continue to operate.

    Now take a moment to ponder one of the more basic needs for survival; food. Where does it come from? Lets pretend that we only eat bread (it could be carrots or beans, or corn or anything else), what’s in it? Simple recipe; flour (wheat), milk (cow) yeast (?), and vegetable oil (canola?). All of it came from a farm, grown by a farmer that supports his family, community, and pays his taxes from the production of that loaf of bread. Ignore the tens of thousands of other workers that derive their existence and subsistence from shop-keepers, to flour mill employees, to truckers and rail workers, to electric production workers from the results of this farmer’s labor and he would seem to be a very important component to any equation. This farmer has been the “Foundation” of our cultural and industrial development since its inception. That teamster back at the strip-mine needs fuel (bread) just as badly as his truck, to keep operating. Food is the basic need that cannot be ignored and since the average “pants below his butt” urbanite believes that food comes in a can from the food-fairy, then why aren’t farmers elected as leaders? Where is the magic ring? Who profits?

    Let’s look at the “Secret Police”; yes, we have them too. Hollywood glamorized them with movies such as “Serpico” and took a bad thing (Spying undercover on the population) and turned them into heroes because they got rid of “bad-guys”. The end justifies the means and by adding “Cops” and “Americas Most Wanted” to the entertainment equation, we forget the negative stories about Stalin’s secret police and the “Gestapo”, and Pol Pot’s little troupe and Chairman Mao’s little group; this couldn’t happen here. We arm every little mom and pop police department with military weapons and give them “Swat-teams” and all they have to do is follow a few simple little “Federal Guide-lines” and dynamic entry warrant service replaces knocking on the door, we watch it on “Cops” and applaud the Swat-teams for taking out the bad guys, ratings go up, and when you are a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.

    We are a nation of law and since there are around 300 million of us that need to drive trucks and eat bread, we have a lot of laws, so many in fact, that anyone of us at any time is breaking at least a few of them and therefore, we have two industries that help fuel the pretend economy; lawyers and prisons. Lawyers are needed to explain why we break laws and prisons are for when they didn’t do a very convincing job. Prisons are an industry supported by Madd moms and other propaganda programs designed to insure continual expansion because without growth, any industry will collapse. Prisons are an industry that supports millions of tax payers by housing those of us that broke a law (maybe a tax law) or drank too much and drove a truck (see how everything ties together). Lawyers did their job and earned their pay but still managed to feed the prison guards, the judges and their families, the farmers that grow the bread, the utility worker purifies the water, the plumber that installs and unstops the toilets and the cable TV companies that provide entertainment to the incarcerated, not to mention the advertising dollars generated by “Cops” ratings. I see a slight glimmer that may or may not be the golden ring but I still can’t see who is wearing it.

    Now let’s look at the distribution system for our taxed wages: our Federal elected officials. The United States was originally a Republic before it became a Corporation. We had elected leaders that were chosen for their qualifications to represent the desires of their constituents. These have all been replaced by professional politicians. A professional politician, once elected by the support of their lobbyists, receive their salary and benefits for life, in addition to a stipend that pays for a Washington D.C. office and staff for life, if they ever loose their job so that they may become lobbyist themselves and help choose their successor professional politician. What this does is insure that any elected congressman or senator never has to rejoin “We the People” and work for a living and participate in such wonders as unemployment, poverty, social security, et al. Did I mention that they have their own retirement plan paid by the truck driver and farmer that removes the necessity of paying social security and medicare benefits so they really get to decide how to dip into that fund that the rest of us pay without any regard for how it might effect their retirement? What a great system, but even though they appear to benefit much more so than the people that “elected” them, they still are not the ones pulling the strings. Maybe we are getting close to identifying the real puppet-master?

    So let’s look at money for a minute. It is mostly paper that already has writing on it so it isn’t worth much for taking notes. It is an inconvenient size for toilet paper and doesn’t function well as fuel for long and has no nutritional value, so what’s its worth? It used to be backed by precious metals and there-by, was a legitimate currency but we let them change that and backed it by roulette. Wall Street spins the wheel and tells us how many of the dollars it will take to pay the farmer for his loaf of bread before his crop of wheat is planted. Interest is collected on money borrowed to pay for hybrid seeds that produce many times the volume of wheat but are sterile and have to be purchased with each and every successive crop. These seeds are produced by massive corporations that genetically engineer them so that there is another control on how the food is produced. More prisoners watch “Cops” while incarcerated and write their cousin, the farmer and tell him what a great entertainment it is so their son (the truck driver) and his wife (the electronics assembly-line worker) and their student children fed on free milk (magic cow), all get together on Tuesday night and watch “Cops” which captures a market share and Monsanto produces a mega-commercial exalting their magnanimous advances in genetic farming that produce more crops per acre, if we all borrow more money and buy their sterile seeds each year and listen to the weather radio and watch more television and my children will never know that a peach or a strawberry used to be sweet and flavorful but was much smaller than the bland vegetables they buy at the Walmart Super-store. When the farmer didn’t buy a replacement weather radio to attend the forecast and his borrowed crop washed out in a deluge and he defaulted on his borrowed money to buy Monsanto’s hybrid seeds, Wall Street hit the big win on the roulette wheel because prices for next years bread just tripled, the professional politician doesn’t understand why people can’t pay their taxes, let them eat cake, and Monsanto buys the farm at auction from the lenders and runs it as a corporation that employs truck drivers, trains, ships, and little Chineese and Belgium bankers that loan more money to buy next years seeds. Professional politicians become lobbyists and insure that the spiral keeps twisting upward, we ignore history and become a worker ant in a giant ant farm and there lies the puppet master. The only one that benefits from an ant farm is the one that eats ants. We are, simply put, just food for the ant-eaters.
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    Seacowboy may I copy this and send it some people I think they need to wake the
    hell up.

    This was great and to the point ,I wish I could write like that.
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    by all means, help yourself.
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    THANK YOU !!!!
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    Wow....That is one heck of a summation.....Directly to the point and so easy to grasp, I am sending it to everyone I lnow!
    Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into this!
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