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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by stg58, Sep 4, 2014.

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    Received my official certification that I passed the Glock Armorer's class.:)
    It was a very informative class and the instructor was decidedly pro second amendment referring to the anti gun states as communist or peoples republic.
    Really nice new armorer’s manual with the Gen 4 in it and he says that Glock does not reference models as Gen 1,2 & 3 they are all Gen 4 or models before Gen 4.
    He said law enforcement prices have not gone up since 1999 because they use consumer sales to keep the LEO prices stable.

    Odd to be the only "civilian" in a room with 29 LEO's or Correctional officers, glad I did not let it slip that I ripped the tags off of mattresses and pillows...
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    Relax, you are no longer a criminal for doing so.;) the new tags read" not to be removed, except by the end user (you) apparently they got tired of being laughed at.
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    Very cool, but I rather resent Glock giving the cops a discount and then sticking it to the rest of us to pay the tab.

    Non-military government employees are neither overworked nor underpaid and already get more perks than 95% of the rest of us. I'm an electronics technician; it sure would be nice to pay 1999 prices for all the tools and test equipment and $hit I have to buy.

    Who wants to kick in for my $5000 (2014 prices) oscilloscope? I thought so.

    Anyway, congrats on your certification. Glock Certified Armorer is a pretty big deal and you should get a lot of milage out of that.

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    The tears, the tears... for the public servants and their plight.

    I had to fork out $2000 for all the stuff I needed just to start nursing classes. That wasn't even tuition or books- I had to buy the necessary medical equipment, and a $hitload of immunizations (of which there is no medical worker discount). I've been working night shift while taking classes during the day. I haven't lived on so few hours of sleep in my lifetime, and am waiting for the ill effects to start to show up.

    I agree with you 100%, Tevin.

    Although I have respect for you Witch Doctor, I'll decline to agree with you on this point. I DON'T CARE. How's that? I'm sure those deputies will just stop some poor schmuck driving down I95 and shake them down for their gas and donut money.

    Wow, I'm really in a bad mood this week. :p

    Sorry to get off track.

    That's great you were able to get armorer training. How did they let a lowly civilian get into the class? Can I? (I'm still psyched I just got the new model 42 this week. I got tired of buying medical equipment and had to balance it all out with some anti-medical equipment.)
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    Yes, anyone can take the GLOCK Armorers course. The requirements are to be one of the following:
    • active law enforcement or military officer
    • private security
    • GLOCK Stocking Dealer/Range Program Employee, or
    • current GSSF member ($35/yr individual, $90/yr family 3-6)
    Advanced Armorers Course requirements:
    • Current Armorer with at least 2 years of experience
    Armorers course is $195 and they provide lunch. AA is $300 (2 days) and they provide lunch.

    No, I'm not an Armorer and don't own any GLOCKs but I've thought about it a time or 3.
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    The big question... are you now certified to put the sights on the side of the G-Lock like they are supposed to? I mean it's hard to sight when he sights are sidewise...:D
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