Glock G-22 vs G-23

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by SaminOk, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. SaminOk

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    Just bought my first Glock (and it's my first 40 S&W) a little over a month ago from the local Classifieds. It's a 1st Gen Model 22 and I love it!

    Now, there's a Model 23 in the classifieds at a good price. Can someone tell my what the difference is between the two?


  2. Sharpie44

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    I do not like Glocks, there an embodiment of all that is wrong with guns today.

    With that said I've fired quite a few Glock 22's with friends and they function just fine and were just fine accuracy and reliability wise.

    I've held a Glock 23 compact and it didn't seem to be that much of a difference. It did seem to be a little lighter but that could have just been me. I'll have to fire it before i say any more about it.

    I'd rather have an H&K USP compact when it comes down to it but thats off topic and only one persons opinion.
  3. kckndrgn

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    I own 3 glocks in the .40S&W caliber - 22,23, & 27.

    The 22 is the "full size", where as the 23 is the "compact" model. If you want specifics on what is different, check out, they list the dimensions and weights for each model.

    In a nutshell. The 23 is about 3/4" shorter barrel length, shorter grip length and as a result holds 2 fewer rounds.

    You can use your 22 mags in the 23, but not the other way.

    I actually shoot better with the 23 than with the 22, go figure. I like them all, and they each have their place.
  4. Bama1955

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    G22 standard 5 inch barrel
    G23 compact 4 inch barrel
    G27 sub compact 3 inch barrel
  5. Sharpie44

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    i want to know how much muzzle lift that Glock 27 has.
  6. SaminOk

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    @ everyone,

    Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it.

    Didn't get the Model 23. When I called, the guy sounded very confused, like he didn't really know what he had. Fidgety is what I call it. My gut meter told me to pass on it so I did.

    There's a gun show this weekend, if I can get away I might try and find me another 22 or one of those Springfield XD's.

    I'm not a pistol person, per say. But that Glock was sweet enough to make me want to try another "plastic" gun (yeah, I know, they're polymer).
  7. gunbunny

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    You can try looking for a police trade-in on a dealer's table at your local gun show. Sometimes you can find them for a good price, sometimes not. I still kick myself for not getting another for $350 a few months ago, because I haven't found a deal that good since. Most dealers just mark them up to a few bucks under new, just like any other used pistol.
  8. The first .40 I shot was a Glock 23. It was actually pretty pleasant to shoot - not really much more snap than a 9mm and just a little more jump. This is what prompted me to try a .40 of my own in the first place. I thought that the 22, being a little bigger, would be even more controllable. Apparently I was wrong.
    For those who own or have shot both, am I missing something here?
    I know where there is a 23 that is comparable to what I have now right down to the night sights that I could potentially trade for. I even like the smaller size - makes it a more convenient gun to own.
    Thoughts or comments?

    I completely understand where you're coming from, and I know why it was this way- for me at least, ymmv:

    I've found I like how the shorter (even if lighter) vs the longer (&heavier) GLOCKS handle, because despite the recoil being greater in the lighter gun, the distance the front site moves upward at the end of a longer radius is a bigger slowdown for me in rapid shooting. This is so pronounced for me that I can give this most extreme example- my 34's (9mm) 5.3" barrel flips more (=poa back on target slower) than my 36's 3.8" barrel does... and the latter is a .45acp! No way in hell the total force is less from a 20oz .45 than that of a 9mm, but to some extent it boils down to how a given pistol responds in the individual's grip, and how they shoot/ These are always a subjective experiences.
  9. magnus392

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    XD FOR THE WIN!!! Far better grip angle:)
  10. E.L.

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    For the win
  11. fmhuff

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    The 23 (I own one) is the best size overall. It's small enough to CC yet big enough to get all your fingers on the grip. I may add a 27 however. It's a half inch shorter and length wise. It's odd that so many people say they shoot best with the G26 or G27. I see Glocks more as an efficent, reliable tool. I think some people see their guns as more of a phallic symbol. [gun2]
  12. dynoman

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    I have both and find the 23 fits the hand better and seems more size efficient.
    Since it can use the 22's mags the round count is not a big deal.
  13. E.L.

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    Of all of the Glocks I have owned and shot, the G26 shot the best for me. I regret getting rid of it. Otherwise, the only other Glock I would like to have I think it is the G30.
  14. Quigley_Sharps

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    I bought the Glock 23 and changed it over to 357 sig for my river rafting pistol, i wanted the extra power in case of Wolves i can shoot flat out to 50yds no problem and hit what I'm aiming at.
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