Glow in the Dark.... Wait for it..... Sheep

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BTPost, May 11, 2013.

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    According to news reports, nine glow-in-the-dark sheep were born in
    October of 2012 at Uruguay's Institute of Animal Reproduction in a
    genetics experiment in conjunction with the Institut Pasteur. The
    scientists say that they used the fluorescent protein from a species of
    jelly fish to give sheep a distinct glowing green color when exposed to
    ultraviolet light.

    One of the team's lead researchers is Alejo Menchaca. In a recent
    press conference he noted that the genetic modification was done in the
    desire to fine tune the technique. Other researchers believe that
    these genetically modified, glow in the dark animals can help mankind
    to better understand diseases and how they develop in both the animal
    kingdom and in human beings.

    The scientists say the nine sheep developed normally. They claim there
    are no differences between them and their non-genetically modified
    siblings other than that they can be made to glow from head to toe.
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  2. kellory

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    In the news....Wolves have been seen prowling the country side with battery driven black lights slung around there necks........
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    [sheep] BAAAADDDDDD!!

    What the H_LL does that mean really. "we pumped these sheep up with some crap and gonna see how they taste.... and if the study participants die....that is good for science" [werd]
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    That is not natural. It makes me angry that they create things like this. Someday they make make something really bad, scary that could hurt us all.
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    Now if they can only find a way to get a politician to grow a conscience, we might be on the right track.
  6. Seacowboys

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    Genetic modification of crops and animals has already taken a toll on mankind and our environment. I have been to places where men are growing breasts because of all the estrogen in the chickens they eat. Honey bees have been killed off by insecticides genetically introduced to hybrid plants. Chemical residue has caused alligators, frogs, and other animals to mutate. It's not nice to fuck with Mother Nature.
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    Damn, when I started reading this "Now if they can only find a way to get a politician to grow a..." I was thinking you were going to say a pair. They also need to get this and start standing up for what is right.
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  8. natshare

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    Backwards thinking scientists figured out that it will be easier to defend the sheep from wolves, at night......all you have to do is shoot at whatever isn't glowing! ;)
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