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    Prepping Mindset: The New Normal, by D.V.

    Worth reading IMHO

    “Prepping Mindset: The New Normal, by D.V.
    By SurvivalBlog Contributor | September 28, 2016 | upload_2016-9-28_8-15-53. | upload_2016-9-28_8-15-53. |

    I am a one year oral cancer survivor. I survived a 13 hour operation that included removing my lower right jaw and replacing it with the tip of my shoulder blade. My operation is called a lateral neck dissection, and it sounds nicer than it felt! The lining of my cheek received a living tissue transplant from the same shoulder area. I had a tracheotomy and couldn’t speak. During the “cut, burn, and poison” treatment, I was connected to a feeding tube for four months. Months of treatment and physical therapy have helped me survive, but I am still discovering what my “new normal” will be.

    How does my “new normal” relate to prepping? “New normal” is a term the cancer community gives to how well a cancer survivor functions in life compared to their original abilities. Let’s look at my experience and see if we can draw some similarities to prepping. First, let us look at expectations………….”
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