Gold and Silver Markets at A Glance

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by melbo, Dec 28, 2005.

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    Nice to see silver where it is... hmmmmm..... maybe $100/oz. soon....
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    Looks like a lot of profit taking in the digital/paper markets. I can't believe individuals are out selling physical gold right now.

  5. melbo

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    If I'd have sold 25% physical at every peak over the past 5 years and bought at the next drop, I'd have double my stash right now. I'm just too nervous that the 'train is finally leaving the station' and I'll be stuck holding paper while it soars.

    Problem is, it always pulls back and sits flat for a bit before the next run up.

    If I look back, should I really have been frightened about selling at $600?
  6. Nadja

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    Melbo, I sell Native American Jewelry, and just got a large concho belt two days ago, that weighs in at 15+ oz. just for the silver. I paid about 75.00 for it. I guess you could call that a good deal right ? It is sterling by the way, tested by me and really makes me feel good. I never buy gold, as it can go so far , so fast either direction, it can cause you an ulcer just thinking about it.
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    As a guy told me one time:

    "If IF's and BUT's were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas".....

  8. IceNiner

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    Did any of you monkeys listen to the Coast to coast AM show last night? (June 9th) There was an interview with private investigator/surveillance company owner Roger Tolces. He stated that the US has been making counterfeit gold bars (tungsten core with a layer of real gold coating) and has been paying the country's international debt with these and that the Chinese were the folks that blew the whistle! I've only been on the forums for a short time and I apologize in advance if you guys have covered this subject already. Last night's show made me wonder if the US government itself is now in the process of manufacturing counterfeit gold coins as a way to erode the people's faith in precious metals and force them to stay in the paper money conspiracy. Any thoughts on that?
  9. ghrit

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    My thoughts are really beside the point. When you get around to checking it out, you'll find that such things are not exactly true. [dunno] If the Chinese tripped over it, they would have delighted in spreading the word world wide. Nothing has shown up in the Asian news; in other words, the whistle ain't yet blown.
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  10. IceNiner

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    Is it possible that the Chinese have made a deal with the US to get something else as payment for debts aside from our 'gold'? Maybe they are keeping this information (if true) as a blackmailing chip?
  11. BTPost

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    That IS way to easy to detect. Just measure the Bar, and then sink it in water and measure the rise in the water. Calculate the Bars Density, and you will know if it is Bullion Gold, or not. Tungsten is way less dense than gold. Any High Schooler, who even went to Chemistry class, could verify that. The Chinese are not that stupid, and neither is any other country. The USA just couldn't get away with that, and neither could anyone else, for more than two seconds. ..... YMMV....
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    Well, according to the radio interview, the thing is is that the Chinese DID have the bars tested, which is how this story got out. 4 random bars of gold received from Ft. Knox were tested and that is how the counterfeit nature of the bars was discovered. I just did a search on the net for some other articles and its somewhat vague.

    Fake Gold Bars in Fort Knox! | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

    Gold Bars in Fort Knox Are Fake!

    To tell the truth, I would not be surprised at all if we eventually find out that all of the gold in Ft. Knox has been fakes for years, if not decades. I don't believe the regular news would ever cover something like this either.
  13. Hispeedal2

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    Of course the regular news won't cover it. The reason- its untrue. Since one can just say "the regular news won't cover it", its completely unprovable either way. Since its completely unprovable either way, then it will be touted as truth by some regardless of the inability to prove (other than the word of some guy that has a business interest in staying relevant).

    The only real way to find out, is to wait. Truth always comes out in time. Of course, if there is nothing to the story, then nothing will come out. This brings us full circle to the un-provability of the story. That is the real secret- how to never be right or wrong and maintain interest. I think I will write a few unprovables, start a youtube channel, get a cheap cable spot, and entertain under the auspice of "news". Its big business in our circles ;)
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    That's a sound response, which is why I used the proviso "if true". I mostly wanted to put the story I had heard about here in the forums to see if any of you guys had heard about it. And, yes, I agree there is a lot of misinformation out there geared specifically towards the survivalist crowd. Still, with the current goings-on with our National debt, I would not be shocked if we truly had pawned off our real gold some time ago.
  15. ISplatU

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    Did you see the dates on thoese stories. 2009, 2010????
  16. IceNiner

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    I did. But, as I mentioned in my first post, I had just heard about it on the radio show the night of June 9th.
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