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    Re: gold-fraud-bombshell-canadas-only-bullion-bank-gold-vaul

    I was afraid of this.
    I predict this will ripple through the futures markets, then the ETF world as a natural consequence.
    NOT happy about that.
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    Re: gold-fraud-bombshell-canadas-only-bullion-bank-gold-vaul

    Why ? If you HAVE metals, this is great....the bull**** will finally get uncovered, and the true price revealed.....and you'll LOVE the true price, until the rest of the world's real goods catches up.
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    Major ETF has physical gold!

    The world's biggest global gold ETF, the SPDR Gold Trust, has just reported yet another increase in its holdings this week by 6.09 metric tons to a record 1,146.22 metric tons (a metric ton - otherwise known as a tonne - is 2,204 lbs as opposed to 2,000 lbs in a short, or U.S. ton, so is around 10% bigger). To put this in perspective this is almost as much as the total gold sales by a combination of global Central Banks and the IMF for the past six months!

    What this says to me is that our due diligence is ever more required in times that are becoming more treacherous- just like the "regeme"---:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:.

    Laus Deo
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    Hm. Would that be paper or metal in their vaults?
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    According to the prospectus it's bullion: Prospectus_3.19.2009.pdf

    Of course I don't trust them. But neither do I trust a safe deposit box, nor do I trust the underside of a mattress.
    I guess it's all a matter diversification so that you don't get taken all at once.
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