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    I take your point about polygamy, I'm surprised that you haven't used the same statistical bias argument with regards to Mormons. ;) Perhaps a reason that drags down the average family wealth of non Muslims, is the practice of serial monogamy prevalent in the USA, where portions of one husband's income are doled out to support the wives and progeny of previous marriages. I think Donald knows a thing or two about that. ;)

    Perhaps a more reliable measure of family wealth might be whether or not one drives an SUV, and carries Prada bags(?)
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    lol you might be right, there needs to be a different measurement than exterior .... I just get irritated when I see people with food stamps wearing expensive cloths and driving expensive vehicles.
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    NO SHIT !!!
    I canvas for the Sally Ann , folks on wheelchairs put in money ..
    Im NOT rich in $$$ , Life YES .

    WE NEED to change the SYSTEM so I'M not paying for freeloaders .
    Mark Rice had one on pulling food stamp since Trump is in !
    What have YOU taught these beggars ??

    Rant over .. Till I see a brown dude hit anyone .
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    All I saw was an article simply stating that gold is now allowed to be used in islamic commerce where previously there was a prohibition on its use in commerce. There was and is no connection with oil trading, petrodollar, or renminbi, riyals, or for that matter, ringgit, in the article. If how trading gold will affect petroleum trading is explained in the article or subsequent posts, it went over my head. No particular surprise there. However, I have done a little business with Asian currencies, so international trade is not a complete mystery. Petroleum revenues will flow according to supply and demand, and so will the price of commodities like metals.

    All this by way of saying that making a run to acquire gold will do nothing useful to anyone's wallet. I imagine we will see an uptick in gold price as the muslim word starts using it for whatever purposes they may for commerce. What is going to be interesting is seeing how they handle the subject of interest on loans of metals. NB, gold used for jewelry is NOT commerce, but the prices will fluctuate with demand for the metal in other uses. Gonna be a fun run.
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    I see it is a positive sign, that slowly but surely, some of Islam's more absurd cultural practices are being chipped away: much like Christians and secular Jews ignoring Jewish Levitical / Kosher laws. I see plenty of Muslim women wearing gold jewelry (which is supposed to be haram); and male Muslim non converts proudly wearing tattoos, which is also supposed to be haram. It seems that some Muslims are just as adept as some Jews and some Christians in rationalizing, or cherry picking textual interpretations that suit their lifestyle better than the fundamentalists would have it.:LOL:

    Just don't be seen wearing ink (particularly of animal and human images) or wearing gold bling while the Taliban are around. :eek:

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    Boy Howdy, did this post get side tracked...The point of the OP, in my humble opinion, is that this is a major change in monetary police of the world's fastest growing religion. If you want to control, you need real tangible funding. 72 virgins and all that may work for the low and slow type, but not for those seeking power and wealth. This is a BIG change and a shift in the mind set of someone or some groups long term financial warfare plans. But again, it is just my humble opinion. What in the hell do I know.:cool:
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    It's almost the inevitable fate of any post or thread here referencing Islam, Muslims, and in particular, Sharia. Much the same seems to happen with regards to liberals / democrats / Obama / Hillary and gun control, regardless of the OP's intent. :rolleyes:

    Like any change in the investing / trading environment, there will be some who'll benefit, and some who'll suffer from the change....and there'll be some who'll be better at gaming the opportunities than others. For the average Joe in the probably won't mean much...he'll be pretty much screwed whatever the system is in place.
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    I've resigned myself to thread drift .... it's inevitable and once in a while interesting.:rolleyes:
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