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    The bias in the mainstream reporting as regards gold and silver is obvious, to me, anyway. In fact, I have a suspicion (oft stated) that central banks and the principals of complaisant markets will do almost anything to keep a lid on precious metals. (Please note: this is not really possible!) In fact, we now have a divergence between the price of gold and silver on such informal spot markets as eBay, hint, hint, and the formal markets of the financial industry. It is a crisis of supply. I suggest that prices have been kept artificially low for so long that that all-important supply-and-demand signals have mixed up providers. The reality is all around us.

    Mints are running out of gold and silver coins; premiums are being paid for gold and silver, including jewelry; ask to take delivery from a major exchange and you will eventually get your metal, but not always professionally delivered (or so I have read), and bundled in haste.
    Now comes this new Bloomberg analysis to provide more of the same obfuscating misleading/ confusion. Gold was definitely NOT a bust in 2008. It held its own and is likely on its way back up well over $900 per oz again. Silver has had a more difficult time, but that could be because silver constitutes an even smaller market and therefore is even easier to manipulate, in the short term anyway. So, Bloomberg, what's the hot commodity? Cocoa. That's right, cocoa! OK I confess, I drink it every night but as an investment or hedge against Socialist disasters from the "genius" of the likes of Banking Queen Barney, I would prefer to put a jigger of Demera Rum in my cocoa and bullion in the bank.[applaud]

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