Gold/Silver Please Explain & Advise For TEOTWAWKI

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by ED GEiN, Sep 7, 2018.

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    Everyone feels that the end will happen suddenly, most of history shows a run up where inflation or devaluation occur. That is when obtaining thing with gold and silver will be the way to go and get you the item over someone with currency.

    After that it will be a matter of the sellers perception ofhte value of the metal as to what you can do with it.
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    I'm reminded of what my best friend (may he RIP) said to a buddy who was buying gold. When my friend asked him why, the guy said "for when the economy crashes, I'll have gold to barter. Why what would you buy?"

    Without blinking an eye my buddy said: "Shotgun shells." Said the guy looked puzzled for about 30 sec, then the light came on. "Oh...." Yeah, if you've got shotgun (or other) shells you can get gold...but why?

    Lots of snake oil salesmen in gold and silver. IMHO, you're better off investing in your personal prep supplies, then if you get to the point where you've gotten what you need, stock up on trade goods. Trade goods will likely be more valuable in a barter economy over gold. After all, if you are truly in TEOTWAWKI situation, things of "real" value that will make people's lives easier or more comfortable will be more important that something that just takes up space in the safe.

    If I had a spare $3k, I'd buy a home freeze drier, lots of 02 absorbers and mylar bags, and maybe a few more shotgun (or other) shells.
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    California is over due for a massive quake.
    There really isn't any point in ed buying anything he can't carry out of there.

    Probably should keep that money in a national franchise bank so he can get it if all he gets out of there with is is his wallet.
    Because a big earthquake is absolutely going to happen.
    If I lived in socal I wouldn't even waste any time thinking about anything else other than that earthquake.

    If you buy a bunch of stuff, when not if the earthquake happens you house flattens all your stuff or catches on fire all that money would have been better off where you could still get at it. Or you are not home and it happens and the roads are impassable and you have to get out of there from where ever you are.

    Earthquake and coastal hurricane zones should be bug out centric preps.
    Hurricanes at least you got plenty of warning so you could pack everything up in a camper and pickup and get out.
    An earthquake is just going to hit without warning at any time. If it hits when you are not home don't plan on going back for anything. You might be lucky enough to get a foreshock that doesn't wreck everything, then the biggest one may not hit till minutes, maybe hours or even up to 2 weeks later.
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    In 92 we had a serious earth quake and a family we knew of moved from there to Florida just in time for the hurricanes there and they moved again to Hawaii .
    I know of another family that decided to stay home think it was safer for their vacation and a plane dropped out of the sky and hit their home and all were killed.
    I have personally been through several tragic events and come out unscathed while those around me did not do so well.
    Not that I believe in fate ,but it seems that there are lives that are either cursed or blessed .
    I do believe that there is interference on a supernatural level I have observed ,but not one I manipulate .
    Some times one can do more good where they are at, rather than run off to where it appears to be safer ,
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