Gold/Silver yes or no?

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Gesko, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. Gesko

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    I know Gold and Silver are relatively stable currencies and if there ever is an inflation it's better to have those.

    But what happens in a SHTF scenario? Is it really worth that much? What if there is an EMP strike, Pandemie, Global War etc. How useful is it really?

    I mean, what if ppl are running out of things, is it really a valuable currency or wouldn't it be more valuable to have food, gear or even skills to barter with. After all, you can't eat Gold or Silver, can't build shelter with it or whatever. Who would be willing to trade Water, Food for something they basically have no use for?

    Ok, people generally like the shiny, so after a while i guess it would get established again, but only if things go back to kinda a normal situation i'd assume. And how long would that take? A year, 5 years, 10 years?

    I am quite convinced that it's more valuable to spend your money now on food supply, gear, weapons, whatever than to invest it into another currency. Maybe even learning some craftsman skills. At least you can produce something then that others might night and are more willing to trade other things for.
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    Actually, silver can be used to promote good health, through electrolysis (into silver ions in a solution which is drunk), it is anti bacterial, so can be used in one stage of purifying your water, and in a salve it prevents infection, or is used where wounds will not heal well. It transfers heat better than anything else, so it would work well as a heatsink. Gold and silver can both be used to hand print circuit boards. Gold filings in your wine are supposed to bring good luck (we could all use that), both can be cast into bullets, if needs must.
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    Let's suppose the economy collapsed and we went into doomsday due to "whatever" circumstance. Barter/trade would be the way things would go for a while, once the dying off takes place.... and communities reform from the disaster.

    But at a point, precious metals would be the basis/mainstay of a new economy, just like they always have been in the past. If you have gold and silver tucked away.... you will be able to participate in this new revitalized economy as the nation/civilization pull's itself back together. If you do not have any..... you will be just another one of the masses, working ten times as hard to afford what you need, in a most likely, harsh period of time.
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    Year 1 after SHTF food crops where farmers/homesteaders grow more than they can use/can/dehydrate will want to trade surplus for something valuable and portable.
    Once you already have the weapons, food, water, shine and shelter - it's time to start storing wealth...
    Gold and silver are portable wealth.
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  5. tulianr

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    I have no doubt that gold and silver will maintain "its worth" in any sort of post SHTF economy, but the big unknown is what exactly its worth will be, and to whom. Since I work as a jeweler, I keep current on market prices for silver and gold, and I have to maintain a fairly large amount of both metals on hand; but "its worth" changes from day to day and, sometimes, drastically so.

    Anything is worth whatever enough people believe it is worth, but how that perceived worth is to be worked out in a post SHTF environment is anyone's guess. Does the average person on the street today know what the current value of a krugerrand is? Does the average person on the street or shop owner today know what the price of silver is? Why would they have any better understanding in a post SHTF world?

    I don't say it is necessarily a bad thing to have some gold and silver on hand, regardless of what the future holds, but I agree with the original poster - if, in preparing for an uncertain future, I had to choose between having a well stocked pantry, ammunition, and vegetable seeds; and having a hoard of gold and silver, the decision would be an easy one.
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  6. Gopherman

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    My sentiments exactly! just posted as thread last week on this exact subject!
  7. Gopherman

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    I read that Colloidal Silver can kill you if you don't do it right. True or False?
  8. kellory

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    I don't use it, but several on here, do. I know if it is not pure enough, it can dye you permanently blue. other side effects, I will leave to the experts.
  9. kellory

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  10. Mindgrinder

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    Don't think it's ever killed anybody but it has turned 1 guy blue who drank very high PPM home brew CS....FDA doesn't like it cuz it's cheap to mass produce...has dozens of uses for medical/disinfectant, food preservation...on and on.

    Colloidal Silver Test: Kills Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungi.
  11. Gopherman

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  12. danny3666

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    Gesko i agree. Im stocked up too the gills with goodies. Itshtf. Maybe gold and silver would be better in a more stable economy. But i believe have the knowledge too survive and too be able too protect your family is way more valuable in the long run than any shiny metals!!
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    If im wrong? Than i guess ill just have too melt down my silver bullet stash. In case the were wolves attack lol
  14. HK_User

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    On another site more than one person swore they'd be rich when gold hit 2K. That poster and others seem very silent now as they had to sell their stash to live at a very reduced rate and life style.

    Preps first, paid off homestead etc. PMs can be a very cold bedmate.

    Or better known as a Finicky Bitch.
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  15. Gopherman

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    My son wanted to put a bunch of money into Silver a while ago, I told him "DON'T Do it!"
    He did it of course and lost about 15 percent of his money. Now he says "Look it's going up",but, its still far below what he paid for it!
  16. HappyPuppy

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    It has uses but personally I would not drink it or Ingest it. I'd do some research on it and it's uses.
  17. HK_User

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    Works well for local application. I use it in a spray for cattle.

    Colloidal silver can kill certain germs by binding to and destroying proteins.
  18. HappyPuppy

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    When a teen I worked on a ranch in the summers. I remember using some silver spray on livestocks legs for cuts and such too. It's my understanding bit inhibited Microbial growth.
  19. Tully Mars

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    Gold and silver will always have worth. It has since its discovery. Sheeple love it. Having it early on in a crisis may allow you to purchase things that checks/paper money/plastic won't simply because of its "worth" being ingrained in their brains, and their not understanding the scope of said crisis.(Not yet seeing the worth of water/food,ect) Like others have said, after the dust settles and society rebuilds, it will reascert its self. However, I feel it should be well down on the list of preps for the average survivalist. After one has a workable retreat-and a way to defend it, obviously food/water all come before gold/silver. Not trying to sound like Bertha betterthanyou, but gold/silver is for the "advanced" prepper IMHO and would go so far as saying Silver first, then Gold. JMT's
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