Goldsworthy Ousels

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    Ousel This water bird is known for its tenacious and deceptive personality. While it looks harmless enough, it is revered for its ability to staunchly defend itself and its flock.

    I thought this would be a fitting name for this little 1/8" thick knife. The blade is 3" long and the OAL is 6-3/4". Each knife has its own personality...The one on the top has been lighly antiqued, the one beneath has been hammered and blued. Both have nice hamons, being differentially heat treated from 1080 CS.

    The Handle is wrapped with imported black Japanese cord and string which has been soaked with resin. The handle is very "grippy" yet maintains a slim profile.

    The kydex sheaths are both set up to accept small Tec-Loks or IWB straps (not included).

    $90 each plus shipping ***BOTH ARE SOLD***
  2. Quigley_Sharps

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    Nice work! would be great for protection.
  3. Bear

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    Nice job.... very handy....:)
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