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Discussion in 'Blades' started by Huntinbull, May 25, 2011.

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    In looking at some of Ka-bar's knives, I see the term TDI. What does that mean? I know what purpose these knives are built to fill. A secondary line of defense in case you are disarmed, or for certain uses in rescue situations. cannot figure out what TDI means.

    Okay, i am ready for the derision and scoffing. Lay it on me!!
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    Take your pick, which means that I also have no clue.

    TDI Tax(payer) Delinquency Investigation
    TDI Texas Department of Insurance
    TDI Tolerable Daily Intake
    TDI Temporary Disability Insurance
    TDI Transport Driver Interface
    TDI Technical Diving International
    TDI Turbo Direct Injection
    TDI Time Delay Integration
    TDI Time-Delay & Integration
    TDI Total Drama Island (animated reality TV show)
    TDI Tivoli Directory Integrator
    TDI Test Data In
    TDI Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc.
    TDI Turbo Diesel Injection
    TDI Tabbed Document Interface
    TDI Time Delay Interferometry
    TDI Therapy Dogs International, Inc
    TDI Toluenediisocyanate (component of many polyurethanes)
    TDI Therapeutic Donor Insemination
    TDI Toyota Direct Ignition
    TDI Trusted Database Interpretation
    TDI Transport Data Interface
    TDI Transition Dyspnea Index
    TDI Tropical Disease Initiative
    TDI Technicolor Digital Intermediates
    TDI Team Dance Illinois (Geneva, IL)
    TDI Truck Driver Institute (Murfreesboro, TN)
    TDI Turbo Diesel Intercooled
    TDI Technical Group of Independent Members
    TDI Target Data Inventory
    TDI Technical Data Interchange
    TDI Tangerine Dream International (music label)
    TDI Training Development Institute
    TDI The Darkness Inc (gaming clan)
    TDI Transmitted Data In
    TDI Tamper Detection Indicator
    TDI Transit Delay Indication
    TDI Tie Down Information (telecommunications)
    TDI Target Doppler Indicator
    TDI Thai Dairy Industry Co. Ltd.
    TDI Tactical Deception Indication
    TDI Telephone Database Integration
    TDI Türkiye Denizcilik Isletmeleri A.S. (Turkish Maritime Organization, Turkey)
    TDI Time-Dependent Failure Intensity
    TDI Tacan Distance Indicator
    TDI Top Down Indicator
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    WHEW Bison,
    You got some time on your hands, huh? And a good search engine. Well maybe not that good....couldn't find the right TDI. LOL

    Thanks for trying though. Your enthusiasm is appreciated.
  4. beast

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    Tactical defense implement?
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    Just Googled TDI knife,and came up with"Tactical Defense Institute"for the Kbar.Matt
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    Thanks Goinpostal! Beast your answer was good too. I googled Ka-bar and checked their site but didn't locate the reference.

    Thanks again.
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    Yes I do have a good search engine, although I have an unfortunately low amount of free time:(
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    Can you provide links to the exact pages where you find this "TDI" term? I have searched several sites and have not seen this, and I especially spent time at the Ka-Bar website. As far as I can tell, it is not an official term used by Ka-Bar.

    However, "TDI" is a term used by several vendors. It stands for "Tax & Delivery Included" in the price.
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    Google the exact term "TDI Knife",and it will come up in the first page of links.The term comes from,who and where the blade was designed by.99% of my web browsing is on my phone.I would have to copy the link by hand,and then transfer it to my mobile.Untill my right hand has healed enough,writing is difficult at best.I shreaded it on a table saw.Matt
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