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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by BAT1, Mar 17, 2008.

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    Called some good friends out in Tampa, Florida to tell them to talk their family into putiing at least 30% into some Gold and Silver. They said they were busy Watching Suze Orman and Cramer to get some ideas on what to do with their money. Gold would never last they said. Oh boy. I tried. Some will follow them off the cliff. seesaw
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    IMHO - its too late to buy in to gold and silver. If you had the cash you should have done it a year ago. Even 6 months. But now it is too late. Put $1,000 into dehydrated food and a years worth of the canned goods that your family already eats. Buy case lots when they go on weekly sale. I expect food prices to rise 25% in the next year.

    If it is legal in your state stock up on full capacity rifle magazines and semi autos. Buy not just for personal use but as an investment, and for the next generation. There will be more gun control in the next 5 years.

    And oh yeah - get out of debt ASAP. When the money stops coming in you don't want to lose your house.
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    i am with you mike....its too late.what is happening to the price of gold is the same thing that happened to the price of houseing.everybody is buying into it.back in september gold was less than will come down beofre long.i would hate ot think i had several thousand tide up in gold.buying now is really buying high...and besides only people with money buy stuff like this.what if we all go broke?? guns,ammo,food and seeds....guns ,ammo,food and seed....this is all you need to live.everything else is iceing on the cake.
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    dog's got it. Add over the counter medicines for flu symptoms too. Bird flu, super flu, whatever - if it hits you after the the lights are out you will NEED meds to treat the symptoms on hand for your family to survive.

    Food, meds, ammo and get out of debt. All the prices are rising and you'll need cash available to pay the new taxes anyway.

    If you buy before a 25% price hike its the same as earning 25% interest. Buy now and don't tell the whole neighborhood that you have 6 months food put away.
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    Here's a youtube video for them to watch, not trying to endorse this guy's newsletter, dyodd, but it gets pretty good when he gets past the Cramer stuff. This guy has so much information out there about Cramer that it is beyond sad. If people watch some of his videos and still are Go Cramer types they get what they deserve the returns they don't get and then some.
    YouTube- Bear Stearns, Jim Cramer, The Federal Reserve, JP Morgan
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