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    How Did America Come To A State of Collapse In The Economic And Social Order?

    July 9, 2012 by Bob Livingston

    Many politicians are greedy psychopaths. They go to Washington for prestige, payola and privilege; and they retire rich.
    National politicians need to be stripped of all special privilege and, most especially, reduced to one term. This would bring a new day to America.
    U.S. Representatives and Senators represent the government — not the American people. Washington politicians and their elite handlers are working overtime to initiate action on legislation to give the government the legislative authority to shut down the Internet. The pretext is the threat of a cyberattack on the whole country. This is only an excuse to stop Americans from communicating and protesting when the financial system collapses and the government can no longer sell its bonds.
    Because of the broad exposure of political corruption on the Internet, politicians and bureaucrats are feeling the heat. They want censorship and the power to shut it down. The Internet is the first good thing that has happened in the United States to shine the light on a corrupt system.
    As long as the political system is viewed by the American people as having two parties, elections will be manipulated and the people will be deceived. This is an absurd front for what Americans believe to be a two-party political system. It covers fraud and helps charlatans and psychopaths cling to power. But the reality is that everybody is wearing the same hat with a different color.
    The powers that be will hold and protect their fiat paper system until it collapses. They will never relinquish their power and lifestyle to a new gold standard and a drastically cut Federal government. The U.S. government has spent itself and the people into bankruptcy. Now the government is eyeing the $3 trillion in retirement funds held by Americans. The government will most likely force the retirement funds to invest in long-term government bonds. This will be the same as confiscation.
    As paper money collapses, the quest for revenue by government as well as by the people intensifies. Even with printing presses wide open, government is in deficit and looking for money everywhere it can find it. The world is crumbling, and the economy is being strangled by government.
    Career politicians now have the identical interests of the elite. Our wealth is seen as their solution. It is easy for politicians to manipulate the food stamp crowd against the “rich.”
    Since politicians have a parasite mentality, they are naturally attracted to creating class warfare. They manipulate the people against each other, causing political and social unrest as excuses for more suppression of the people.
    Under a national craze and imagined threat of terrorists, we give up our liberties to the state, which is Nazism under a modern front. There is no situation in history when government reversed course prior to economic and social collapse. Instead, government uses its military to attack its own people in order to retain power. Why the sudden need to authorize the U.S. military to operate domestically to “weed out terrorists?”
    We note that in recent months Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and Bill Gates have made public statements against gold. Do these elite billionaires perceive a threat to their fiat empires from a gold-awaking American people? Do they not know the fragile state of the economy and that the Fed is now “financing” government debt by “buying” its own bonds? Debtors are now simultaneous creditors. There is only make-believe value in this black magic. It reminds me of the old folk song “I’m My Own Grandpa.”
    From now forward, there will be more of a direct attack on the wealth of U.S. citizens. Without an increase in production, vast new taxes will destroy the economy while the cost of government rises exponentially. All the while, the worldwide time bomb of unfunded entitlements will continue to tick away. In fact, the whole population has lost its work ethic in favor of a growing sense of entitlement. The food-stamp base is swelling like a plague.
    What Can You Do Now As An American Citizen?
    The first answer is to recognize and realize that the government with all of its propaganda and police power is at war with the American people. The fact that most Americans are totally oblivious to all-out war against their savings and retirement assets doesn’t change a thing.
    Governments always silently make war on their own citizens behind a propaganda front so as to alert as few people as possible. The less resistance there is the better.
    One of the fastest ways to clear the mental fog is to realize that the two-party political system is a fallacy. Both parties are working toward a common goal. Anyone clinging to the illusion will be deceived to his grave.
    America has become a fascist state, and the whole Congress supports the agenda of the state. Any dissent is frivolous and transparent.
    We can turn the clock back toward human liberty by doing one simple thing: limiting the terms of Representatives and Senators to just one, with no pensions. Also, they should be subject to the same Social Security limitations and receive the same medical benefits as the American people! There should be no special privilege associated with elected office.
    The powerful, the rich and well-connected politicians in America all use the dysfunctional political system and the money-printing central banks to their every advantage. The U.S. reckless system has created an enormous economic and political mess. The scene now reminds one of vultures flocking around a carcass.
    Nothing can or will be corrected now. All that anyone in power can suggest now is more money printing. There are no financial answers and there are no political reforms on the table, so politicians will continue to postpone meaningful reforms, which will lead us to the final crisis. More than ever, the present system is doomed. It is only a matter of recognizing what is happening and preparing to survive.
    I am still accumulating silver coins, as I believe that they will have high exchange and barter value in the near months to come. I sincerely hope that all of you will do the same.
    I fear that investors and savers may no longer have access to their accounts and funds during the ultimate crash. Silver coins dated before 1964 will look awfully good in your possession.
    Also, my friends, please don’t be surprised if the government implements measures of some form of increased financial repression or expropriation. Many people will wind up much poorer than they are now. I am sorry to give you this sad information, but my vast reading and study confirm it. And if you cover the amount of material that I do, you will come to the same conclusion.
    There is a better day coming if the good people prevail and seize power after the crash. There are now millions of people who know the critical situation in America. As America goes, so goes the world this time. But next time, the leadership may well pass to China. America has been sold out and hollowed out. What is left is an impoverished people and economic depression.
    The U.S. authorities know full well the shock potential of the social order in the United States. They are buying time with food stamps and all sorts of cash payments.
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