Good Bushcraft/Survival Schools?

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by bbd3, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. bbd3

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    Anyone know of any good bushcraft/survival schools. I attended the BOSS primitive skills course but was a little disappointed. Wanted more concrete skills not philosophy.
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    IMHO the best school is the woods go out and practice learn what works for your area and what don't. You could buy alot of gear fkor the price of one of those schools.

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    I attended army survival school...didn't cost me a penny!... :D
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    RE: Army Survival School

    Wish I'd thought of that!!

    Good one!
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    Midwest School of Bushcraft. Check um out: Home

    If you hit the links section and follow the one for his youtube channel, you can get a sense of the game Terry has.
    Terry's videos teach quite a bit for nothing so you may want to have a look at them to get started and then decide about the school.
    If I ever get the time, I will go. Other friends of mine highly recommend it.

    Just my $.02. Hope it helps.

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    You could check out Dave Canterbury's "The Pathfinder School" at HomePage it looks like he travels around the country several times a year and you may find one of the courses near you.

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    I did also, then I practiced in SE Asia and got paid for it. :D
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    I also have S.E.R.E. training[peep]
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    I agree, no matter what people tell me they do and I should as well I can never find the same resources as them, or the climate is to different to repeat their success.

    I find learning the basic skills necessary, and adapting them to my needs actually teaches me more... Doing so doesn't pigeon hole me into particular needs having to recreate rather than do!
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