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    Maybe this should be in the Tech threads?
    Met a guy and he had some great deals on 'puter and electronics and tools.

    Here's what I traded for:
    A brand new Comedore 64 computer, gotta be a high tech, never heard of it, It uses something called a 7.5 floppie disc.
    An eight track player, has to have alot of storage for music 'cuz the memory stick thing is so big, he even gave me a 'head cleaner' for it. 'waz that?
    I have several styrofoam gas cans if anyone needs one. (pm me)
    Really really cool is the left handed tools he sold me, hammers, screw drivers and staple gun.
    The board streacher is missing some paint but so what?
    He said I'd have to sharpen the plastic drill bits before I could drill any glass.
    OH and I got a solar clothes dryer, no instructions.

    I traded him my dehydrated water, it expired last year, what a fool he was.

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    All bow to the master of horse trading. [bow] [ROFL]
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    Boy,that dehydrated water's hard to get rid of..I guess I'm stuck with mine.
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