Good Cause - Titanium Chopsticks - Hand Forged Ground Polished

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  1. Bear

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    Aloha Monkeys,

    Another one for the same Good Cause I listed in the arms section...

    Here is a one of kind pair of my forged 6al-4v titanium chopsticks... far left in pics...

    I only do the hammered forged finished...

    Here is the "simple elegance" version of which this is the first and there is only one... for those that like simplicity and maybe a gift ... about 9" long....

    These started out round stock... forged square... and if you do a search of my threads you can find the process... you will also find that the forging hardens the titanium to the point where I won't drill these after forging....

    The chopsticks are finished to 400 grit... tips tapered... ends squared and rounded so they won't roll away or off the table... also so that if you want to have them engraved... there are flats for the engraver to clamp them down...

    Make me an offer and the funds will go to help out a young couple with a toddler who has suddenly fallen on tough times and is struggling to feed themselves....

    I'll let this go until tomorrow and pic the best offer....

    Once again Mods and Admin... if this is not allowed ... please feel free to delete.

    Thanks for looking Monkeys,

    Take Care and God Bless,





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  2. Bear

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    Thanks Monkeys.... This one is now gone....
    Have a great week!
    Take Care and God Bless,
  3. madmax

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    Ti chopsticks. I poke myself in the eye first. Then I get a chestnut up the nose. I finally hit my mouth about halfway through the meal. Ti just sounds too dangerous for me.

    LOL. Very cool.

    Oh I didn't miss the reason for the sale. Big smile.

    Mom feeds the folks in the woods across the street now and then on Kauai. Haoles can have aloha too.
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