Good Deal on 5.56 at RK

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Thunder5Ranch, Mar 14, 2020.

  1. Thunder5Ranch

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    Don't know if this will happen at every RK store but a case of 800 rounds scanned and charged $69.98. FOR THE RECORD I Tried to be honest and told the Cashier that it was supposed to be $69.98 per 200 round box inside the case. She called the (Very Pissy) manger over and he said "If it Scans $69.96 on the case bar code then the case is $69.96!" and walked away. I said "Well who are us peons to argue with someone as intelligent as the bossman!"

    So on the walk to the truck I debated it and stowed the already purchased ammo and went back grabbed flatbed card and grabbed another 30 cases of 800 rounds each for around .08 cents per round. Should be good on 5.56 for a day or two now :) MRS T5R is not exactly thrilled with me at the moment though LOL.

    Don't know if that will ring up like that at other RKs system wide or if it is just a error at the local RK.

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  2. duane

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    You have to love the modern idiots who are so politically correct and can't be bothered with the small details that are part of life. Have one who runs local coffee chain store. Life is such a pain and she wishes that the help and customers would stop bothering her while she is texting for a few hours per shift. March and she is still honoring the Christmas special for 3 of 1 lb bags of coffee for $15 and the computer still accepts her override so the stupidity goes right up the chain. No one has changed the item status on the computer. The lady running the cash register, shrugs her shoulders, but is smart enough to not use her override code.
    Good catch and congrats. Can never pile that item too deep, may end up the local resupply point in some place in the future.
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    OMG! That's 24,000 rounds at ~8 cents per!

    I constantly watch for 5.56 deals and never got better than about 30 cents per round and that was thousand round crates.

    You should be able to triple your money and still give the buyers a great deal!

    What's a RK? Maybe they got them here in Northern .08 a round its worth looking. But, I can't believe I'd be that lucky.

    By my count that manager cost the store ~$6,300...wonder if he'll have a job tomorrow?
  4. Wildbilly

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    Hey man! Can you spare a few thousand rounds? I work at RK and that kinda stuff is one reason that I never want to be a cashier, and that kinda stuff happens all the time cause lots of stuff isn't priced or priced correctly. This may have been the result of there being two bar for the case and another for the individual boxes within the case.

    No Rural King isn't in Idaho...yet!
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  5. Thunder5Ranch

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    Nope no Rural Kings in ID. I hope the Manager does not pass the buck to the cashier and blame her for it. She has only been working there for a Month. I was happy with the .35 cents per round at the $69.98 per 200 round individual boxes boxes.

    I found it odd that the code rang it up at $69.98 for the case, and checking now..... yep two bar codes on the box..... just looked little Bar Code printed on the side is for the case. Big Bar Code on a sticker on top for the individual boxes. She was scanning the big bar code on the top of the boxes. That top bar code matches the code numbers on the individual boxes. Really hope that she does not get in trouble for the error. To my way of thinking, since she called the manager over and got in the way of his texting at the central service counter he said what he said...... then it is on him. Course I guess I will go back in the morning and explain to the GM what happened and give the excess ammo back...... A bit of a moral question there in my mind did I unknowingly steal it or did I rightfully purchase it. Given I pointed out that it was supposed to be $69.98 per 200 and not for $800 and manager without even looking says "If the barcode brings up $69.98 then it is $69.98!" and walked off to continue texting at the service counter. LOL the moral compass is pointing two different directions on this one.
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  6. wideym

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    Sounds like the manager is using NYT's and MSNBC style of math.
  7. Airtime

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    On the first purchase you could say oh well you did point out their error and they still gave it to you. You knew what the right price was and tried to be honest.

    The second purchase of 30 cases... is the moral compass really pointing two directions or is it pointing only one direction and the bargain hunter compass is pointing the opposite direction?
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  8. Bandit99

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    "Course I guess I will go back in the morning and explain to the GM what happened and give the excess ammo back...... A bit of a moral question there in my mind did I unknowingly steal it or did I rightfully purchase it."

    WHAT? You made the effort to show them their mistake and went so far as to specifically point it out to them. Morals be damn. They screwed up - you pointed out the mistake - they didn't care. Sometimes you have to just accept the little good things in life that happen to you and not over analyze them. RK will write it off. Should they question the cashier she will inform them she told the floor manager who approved it. Should they confront and/or fire the floor manager then he gets a good lesson in life and will improve him for his next position. And, no you did NOT steal anything... At the VERY most you took advantage of their incompetence, arrogance and neglect. That sir, is neither illegal nor immoral. You got a super deal on some ammo - period. Don't worry, be happy!
  9. Thunder5Ranch

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    "Rural King does not accept returns of ammunition.FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION CANNOT BE RETURNED AFTER THE TRANSFER PROCESS HAS BEEN COMPLETED. " Is what learned this morning. So guess I will toss that compass out the window on this one.
  10. Gator 45/70

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    38's are the easiest things in the world to reload,Now if you cast your own projectiles then the cost would be around....8cents !
  11. Oddcaliber

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    There loss your gain! Eventually someone in accounting will find his mistake. Dumb snowflake.
  12. Ura-Ki

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    DAMN! I woulda loaded up the pickup too!

    Currently, the best deal yet on 5.56 is .30 cents a round, with the better stuff averaging .33 cents a round! Makes a YUGE difference when you are buying a thousand or more!
  13. Seacowboys

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    I just turned 5K brass into 300AAC Blackout a while back. Love that round, lot more fun to shoot that 5.56 just because it cycles in anything without adjusting the gas port.
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  14. Thunder5Ranch

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    I usually reload .38s, .357s and .45s the shotgun shells and the .300mags but I do like .38 Hornady Critical Defense rounds, the UMC I bought just because. The 5.56 and .223s I can usually find cheap enough that it just ain't worth the time to load, I keep enough primers, powder and bullets to make a few thousand if ever needed. Will be adding .308s to reload list though. Since getting the AR10s the .308s have been getting pretty deep into my pockets.
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  15. Gator 45/70

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    Oh yeah, Watch out for the military crimp !
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  16. Thunder5Ranch

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    There is a tool fer that ;)
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  17. Ura-Ki

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    Big Five screwed up their price today, a ammo box of Fed 420 count 5.56 was tagged $199.00, rang up $165.00, bought two boxes of each 55 gr and 62 gr! Ordered 500 rounds of IWI Match 5.56 77 Gr, .60 cents a round!
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  18. Bandit99

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    LOL!!!!!! Well, there you go! And, here you were worrying and your morals for no good reason.

    You got to admit this is pretty funny! I mean - they made a $6000+ dollar mistake and they can't even correct it if they wanted to do so due to their own rules and regulations!!!!! LOL!!!!
  19. Tully Mars

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    Dang right. I'd bought up every single one they had. Great score bud!
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  20. Wildbilly

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    I was telling a cashier at work about this today and she asked, "why would he want so much ammo?". Duh? You need to go to Harbor Freight and get some of their $10 .50 caliber ammo cans, some steel drums and sand from Rural King, and pack that stash away. It will still be going BANG a hundred years from now.
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