Good job Mom!!

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by wrc223, Jan 5, 2012.

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    My daughter carries a lady-smith... god help you if you break into her place... growing up with me and her three brothers.

    I can hear it now..."Why'd you shoot him 20 times lady?" "Because hydro shocks only come 20 per box!"
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    My Moral quagmire is that I hate the thought of rejoicing in the taking of life, even when necessary it is something to be kept close to the soul. I do rejoice in the triumph of a Mother over what threatens her and her child. I am sad that she has to bear the burden of having crossed a line that Mothers should not have to cross, there is no going back once that line has been crossed. God bless her, she played the cards dealt her.
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    I have no moral quagmire with it and I do rejoice in the taking of this kind of life. If they were not breaking into another person's home then he would not have been shot and killed. As far as I am concerned he commited suicide by breaking into someone elses home.
    She did exactly what was natural, protect the baby.
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    WRC223 I think that about covers it sucked to be him.
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    She got a stalker that had a history of planning to get her.

    Too bad she didn't get the second one too.

    The news tonight said the other guy that was also breaking in might get charged with the murder as he was taking part in the crime at the time of the shooting. Now that would be justice!
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    Know your state laws.

    my State:

    (ORS 161.209-229. Use of force justifiable in a range of scenarios without a duty to retreat specified. Oregon Supreme Court affirmed in State of Oregon v. Sandoval that the law "sets out a specific set of circumstances that justify a person's use of deadly force (that the person reasonably believes that another person is using or about to use deadly force against him or her) and does not interpose any additional requirement (including a requirement that there be no means of escape).")
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    I'm with wrc on this one...

    anyone who's ever watched a nature show knows the most dangerous animal on the plaint is a mother protecting her young... next up would be a group of teenage girls on a shopping trip at the mall...

    from the story
    Sounds to me like she done good
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    Don't never mess with a momma bear and cubs.
    Obviously those were city boyz.

    Nice thing is they won't be breeding!

    Way to go young mom! My hat is off to you.
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    Bravo, young mother! So many women who get a gun end up being afraid to use it, or cannot bring themselves to kill another human.
    But there are the times when it must be done, to save a loved one's life.
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    The woman did what she had to do

    The woman did what she had to do to protect herself and her less. She has absolutely nothing to reproach herself for.

    The perps deserved everything they got.
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    Good for her! I'm damned tired of hearing how a woman in this situation ends up being raped and murdered. No sympathy for the terminal idiot stalkers.
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    Ms McKinley should be awarded a Bravery Medal (or whatever you might call such a thing in the States). She should be honoured by Women's Groups, Anti-Crime Groups et al, for her outstanding courage in the face of this threat and intimidation. Too bad some of the battered and abused women can't take a leaf out of her book (except of course, they would probably be shoved in jail because they were not defending infants, "only" themselves).

    It sounds like she is a pretty sensible person (so much savvy at 18, heaven help us!) and I hope she will be able to cope with the fact that she has taken a life - no matter how justified, it is the stuff of nightmares.
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    Little more info

    I didn't click on the link by the original poster, as I am fairly familiar with the story from another site.

    I just wanted to point out that her husband had died from a bout with cancer on Christmas day, and from what I can gather is having kind of a rough go of things, NOW THIS.

    The Blanchard police department has set up a fund for Sarah McKinley at Chickasha Bank &Trust in Blanchard. The address is 1525 N Council Hwy 76, Blanchard, OK 73010, and the phone number is 405-485-2300. Anyone wishing to make a donation should ask for Leah.

    The above paragraph information was posted on the other site, and pending a couple telephone calls Monday to confirm, ( yes, I know I am old, hateful and non trusting) I shall send as much as I can afford right now, to try to help as much as possible and show my support for a young woman that has had to endure what most of us cannot even imagine.
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    only thing that lacks here would have been if she could have given BOTH these idiots the same medicine,double ought buckshot at close range..i will do like freedom first,make call make sureits not a scam,then doubt in my mind,they were not there to rob worldly possessions,it was for no good with helpless (or so they thought) with a 19 yo widow..thank God that plan backfired big time..if i was guessing,i bet both perps KNEW she was widow and all alone,id say if they hadnt been stopped,the local LEO would have a double homocide on their hands,so id say congrats to the young mom,GOOD KILL!!!
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    I'm surprised none of yall have mentioned the most amazing & shocking thing about this story! That ABC news, a liberal media source, didn't try to make Her out to be the Bad Person in this story!!!!
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    That is amazing.

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